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  1. Yes, the key/remote is very sensitive. Mine locks and unlocks all the time with the keys in my pocket. I currently have a 09 reg Hl3 3.0, but I am collecting my new Invincible on 1st September. I only mention this as the new 2010 model has a completely different alarm system to the 2009 model, so I assume the deactivation procedure will be different. It does outline the system deactivation and control in the handbook. Hallelujah! There is life out there! Let me know if the systems different,as ive never had a Hilux before,so nothing to compare it with.
  2. Nobody reply to you on this firking site...or should i say,!Removed!? Goodbye to this <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>ing dump of a place.Im off to HPOC,much better.
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if there is something wrong with the alarm on y new invincible. First off,the buttons on the remote are very sensitive to say the least,and its very easy to press them inadvertently. On a couple of occasions,ive opened a door,then locked it again by accident with the remote while the door is still open.This results in an audible beeping sound to alert me that the door is open,and the alarm system armed. In the handbook,it says to just use the open button on the remote if this happens.But this does not work,and i have to close the door,lock,then unlock to disable the alarm. Has anyone else had any probs with this system? Does anyone else find the remote extremely sensitive? Many thanks...
  4. Hi there, Im considering upgrading my new 3.0 invincible to the chip that the limited edition hilux invincible 200 has in it.This should take it from 171 BHP,to about 194 apparently. I wont bother though if its a silly price. Will the differnce be noticeable? And more importantly,will it mean i need brake upgrades etc? Does it alter your insurance? Many thanks...
  5. Hi there, Took delivery of a new Hilux invincible 3.0 last month.I have a few questions,and hope that you lot may have the answers! Regards...
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