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  1. Shouldn't these jobs be done by the Toyota dealer as part of regular servicing if they are needed?
  2. OK thanks - I guess my earlier version doesn't have that screen.
  3. Yes I have had it serviced by Toyota througout. Thanks for the comments. One question - how do you know that your Prius runs exactly 54% on engine in the summer - is that average data supplied by Toyota or is there a way to download that information form the car itself?
  4. Hi all, I've got a 2010 Prius which I've owned since new, and it's just had it's 100K mile service. I was thinking in the last couple of years that maybe I should replace it soon, probably because I have some odd rule in my head that you should replace your car before it hits 100k. I have no idea where I got that from so I probably just made it up years ago or someone in the pub said it or something! However frankly, I like it and it's never caused me any issues. I've also ridden in taxis numerous times which were an older prius than mine and appeared to have 200k or even 300k miles on them, and the driver told me it was still on the original battery. Therefore I'm hoping maybe to just keep this car going for a few more years. I'd be interested in any feedback from anyone with 100k plus Prius usage as to whether I can expect increased maintenance bills in the future? Generally I've been very impressed with this car, hence why I haven't changed it these 9 years.
  5. PatW

    High Mileage

    What about the battery? Does it generally last to those high mileages and if not, how much does it cost to replace? It's good to know I could run my 2010 Prius for a lot longer as it's on 60k at the moment.
  6. If that's the case I guess my pip is kicking in earlier than others.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I have no intention of running out of fuel, but it helps if I know there is a petrol station right in my route in say, 20 miles from now, to decide whether to take a detour to a closer station. If the tank is indeed 44 litres, fuel economy is roughly 59MPG average. I generally fill up when the range counter goes to zero and about 5 to 10 miles after that, which is probably about 15 to 25 miles after the fuel pip starts flashing. I then find that I fill up roughly 39 to 40 litres. I don't think I've ever seen it go over 40, maybe once but hardly ever. If this really means there is 4 litres left, I could go another 50 miles or so beyond where I am going today. It also means that my piper is kicking in at roughly 37 or 38 litres used by a rough calculation. My interest really is whether I can trust the pump measurements more than the car's gauges. If the tank if 44 litres, and I am consistently filling up by 39 or max 40, then unless the petrol pump is wrong that means I have 4 litres left. As said, I don't intend to run it right down to the wire, but it's nice to know I have at least another few litres of leeway. Generally I will continue to fill up as I do now, but it's more just the comfort level of not worrying that I am pushing it too far. By the way, I did spend some time when I first got the car manually calculating the fuel consumption, and I found that the gauges in the car are optimistic on fuel consumption by between 5 and 10 percent. i.e. my calculated consumption was more than what the car is telling me. Is this also normal for the Prius? The 59MPG figure I quoted above was calculated manually rather than on the car read outs.
  8. Hi, Can someone help me out. I've owned a Prius from new since 2010. Love the car and I really enjoy it so I don't intend getting rid of it any time soon. Regarding the fuel, the fuel light starts flashing when the range says about 20 miles. I usually wait for the range to hit zero and then fill up a few miles after that. However, I have never managed to fit more than about 39.5 litres in there. Does this imply that actually I could go on for another 50 miles or so? I bought the Prius new and it's a 10 plate so it's a gen 3 model I believe. Finally, is there any further warning that you are running low or is the flashing pip and single beep the only warning? thanks Patrick.
  9. Hi all - I just noticed today that the PWR mode button on my Prius no longer works. When I press it nothing happens at all - no PWR light on dash and no change in throttle response. Eco and EVO buttons still work fine. I don't use it very often but it was working last time I tried a few months back. Is there anything obvious I have missed before I take it to Toyota for them to take a look? cheers Patrick.
  10. A few questions on my Gen 3 Prius which I've had for a couple of months. - In the manual it says the low fuel warning light comes on when you have about 1 to 1.5 imp gallons left, which should be anough for at least 50 to 100 miles. The range computer however says only about 20 miles when the low fuel warning light comes on. Which should I believe? - The battery charge meter always stops charging at 2 bars below full. I have only seen in go up to 1 bar below full if I do heavy braking. I have never seen it get to completely full. Is this normal? - Is anyone using the IPA regularly and usefully? I have just started reading the section in the manual on the IPA which is very long and detailed. Having read that, it all sounds very complicated and confusing. Maybe I'll have better luck just by trying it out in a quiet area? cheers
  11. Do a google for Audio CD text. OK thanks for your help on that. Really? Well it's been a long time since I read up on this, but I seem to recall that if you take an original audio CD, burn it to Mp3, then re-burn it back to a standard CD, the standard CD will have lower quality than the original CD (obviously) but also possible lower quality than the MP3 files. Furthermore, it will then go through another compression routine when you burn it to the HD in the Prius - I definitely recall reading that putting music through and mp3 converter several times will comprimise the quality further each time.
  12. PatW

    Dab Radio

    Yeah they are, at leaste in theory. It's listed as an option in the Prius brochure, and the dealer quoted me some ridiculous price like £500 for it.
  13. Hello, I noticed on my new Prius something weird. I can copy CDs onto the hard drive, and sometimes Gracenote finds the Track names and sometimes it doesn't. It doesn't seem very up to date as there are CDs that are a year old that it doesn't know. The weird thing though is that today I put in a CD that was only released on Monday, so there is no way it could be in the stored Gracenote database. When I was playing the CD, the system somehow knew the CD name and track names and displayed them on the screen, but, if I copied it to the hard disk it just gave them generic names. Also if I tried to update the Gracenote manuallly it didn't find anything (as I expected). What's puzzling me is how the system is finding the track names at all from the CD (and secondly if it is clever enough to find them, why can't it copy them to the hard disk). I was also annoyed that I couldn't copy MP3 files form CD onto the hard disk, but I think that's covered in other threads here and is just not possible, unless you burn them to a CD as CD audio files which will compromise the quality even more than just mp3. cheers p
  14. PatW

    Dab Radio

    Does anyone have the DAB radio add on for their 3rd gen Prius? I was thinking of buying it but it costs £500 which seems very expensive. I presume there might be other after market options at lower cost. cheers
  15. Hi, Do you actually have to be on a hill to engage hill start assist? I tried to press the brake hard whilst stopped and in drive mode to test it out, and nothing happened. cheers