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  1. I have also got a T180 and have noticed that it does let out alot of smoke every now and then but cant really tell whether its blue or white, to me it looks like its blue. but been to my mech and he said its the 5th injector. sometimes it happens when you park up for a wile say 15 - 20 mins and then sometimes it will happen when you park up at the lights and then you set off you notice a big cloud behind you. but not really noticed any other problem relating to this so have decided not to worry about it. What is your economy like. ?
  2. kabz


    The only 17" verso wheels you will be able to get are the T180 alloys which are 17". But dont know where you will be able to get them from you cud try ebay. Which verso do you have and wat year.
  3. He did put it on the computer and could not come across any fault reading. Took it bak a few days ago and the mech put it bak on the computer and he is now saying it cud be the glow plugs.
  4. Engine management light been on since ive had the car 6 months or more, but since a week ago it has started to cut out while driving. Took it to mechanic who reset the light about aweek ago but it has !Removed! bak on again. It is also running a bit ruff missing abit its worse wen cold, the economy is still gud put £50 in and get 500 miles no probs. Mechanic says it mite b the injectors or it mite jst b a sensor. My mechanic also works at toyotas. Any idea any1.
  5. Just put in £40 or £50 pounds in once a month or so. the 1st time u put it in try to drive it hard reving it up a bit b4 changing gear, try and take it on a little motorway run for about 10 miles or so, That shud blow alot of **** out of ur injectors.
  6. kabz

    Egr Valve

    Ye well worth doin will make a lot of differance. I didnt do it my self i got a mechanic to do it he works for toyota and does a bit of work on the side, charged me £40 but i made sure he did a gud job.
  7. kabz

    Egr Valve

    Easy but mucky job, needs a can of carb cleaner, a box of latex gloves , loads of paper towls & an old toothbrush! (Be careful with the gaskets when you take it off). What probs u having with your car. Had mine done last week didnt make a differance on my economy, but made alot of differance on the performance.
  8. Have you tried a different brand of diesel ? A workmate with the same 2.0d as mine found his was rattling until he changed. Keep us posted Have u tried using shell v-power diesal that shud make a differance if u dont want to use it all the time use it at least once a month plus it will clean your injectors out as well.
  9. Does he not believe the figures Toyota give in the brochure and does he believe that a Verso gives poorer fuel economy than a Porsche Cayenne (Porsche quote 32mpg with urban driving)? I dont think he does. thats wat porsche claim but it would probaly do less.
  10. Yours were the 4th and 5th gear wernt they, mine just does it in nuetral it drives ok.
  11. kabz

    Turbo Kicking In

    if you have 2.0d4d turbo kiks in 1400rpm and fully open 1800rpm Ive got a 2.2 d4d its a T180 corolla verso.
  12. Take it to you dealer if its still under warranty, when was it last serviced ? I`ve noticed someone in the Avensis section also complaining about the mpg of his 180 and its been suggested to clean the EGR. Ive got no warranty ive just bought it a couple of weeks ago it's a 06 plate. it was last serviced (B service) in feb by the previous owner and Ive just serviced it last week after 10k just the basic service, didnt take it to toyota dough got a mate who works at toyota been there for about 20 yrs he done it. I asked him about the economy and he says its about right, 25 mpg he said should get out of it. Ive been reading other forums and in a few it says about the egr valve and a few people have tried it and they say it makes a differance. Could I do the egr valve my self and where would I find it. Tried to find some links to see where it is but cant find any. Got a mate who does computer diognostic he suggest i rechip it.
  13. Anyone any idea when the Turbo kicks in.?
  14. Those mpg figures are terrible to be honest, even driving foot to the boards still you should be getting around 25-35 and although I don`t know the exact tyre pressures (they should be a sticker on the car somewhere)they shouldn`t make that much difference. Any idea wat i can do to get better fuel economy, dont really put foot down.
  15. Hello to all members who read this. Just joined a few days ago after browsing the site by accident. Got a verso T180 which is terrible on fuel but wicked on performance, I put £40 in and get 200 miles out.
  16. Anyone out there with a verso T180 whant to know what the fuel economy should be like. mine shows on the computer between 20mpg to 25mpg, I put £40 in and get 200 miles max out of it. Anyone know what the correct tyre pressure should be on a verso T180 there the standard 17 inch at the moment am putting 32 psi front and back, one guy said put 34 psi, and an other guy said put 36 psi can any one tell me plz.
  17. Hi Toyota owners. Joined a few days ago after browsing. I have recently bought a Corolla Verso T180. when u release the clutch pedal it makes a little rattling noise and when you dip the clutch it goes away I thought it was the clutch bearing. I showed it to a Toyota mechanic and he said its probaly the gearbox bearing and would need reconditioning. I have owned a few toyota corollas in the past and had the same problem with a few. Does not really cause a problem just a little noisy when clutch pedal released. Anyone no any different please help. Overall good car top performance for a 7 seater.
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