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  1. stevecrvn

    Auris MY2016 - "Noddy" car horn

    Gareth . Thats great thanks
  2. stevecrvn

    Auris MY2016 - "Noddy" car horn

    I have managed to get to the horn as with a bit of jiggling about the plastic trim above the grill can be moved to allow access to the horn . I gave found that the wire going to the single horn looks very thin . Will this be a problem if i fit the dual horns off a avensis or another Toyota
  3. stevecrvn

    Auris MY2016 - "Noddy" car horn

  4. stevecrvn

    Auris MY2016 - "Noddy" car horn

    Is this the same for the Facelift Auris Touring ( 2015) . the Horn is shocking to be honest , I think the dog breaks wind louder 🙂
  5. stevecrvn

    2018 Aygo side protections

    I have the same concerns on my Auris Sports tourer big flat panels . £100 to have the side strips fitted or take a change and repair if needed
  6. We didnt get the Verso-S diesel in the uk , I did fancy one as a good practical size car . My Auris Touring 2015 1.4 d4d also vibrates at similar revs when under load . I have put it down to be slightly underpowered for the weight of the car as my previous auris MK 1 1.4 d4d did it to a lesser extent and my Mk1 Yaris 1.4 d4d pulled like a train on hills and never suffered from the vibration. Is the Verso S 6 speed ?
  7. stevecrvn

    Cruise Control Installation Instructions

    I appear to have the hatch on the steering wheel on my 2015 Auris tourer Active . Its the facelift model with the 1.4 d4d engine. Does anyone know if the Cruise control fix will fit and work
  8. stevecrvn

    headlight bulbs

    That is correct I have got the box with the same part and invoice in front of me for 49.75 from FRF Toyota.
  9. stevecrvn

    headlight bulbs

    Totally agree with you Lights are not a patch on the mk 1 Auris with twin bulbs . Looks like design over function
  10. stevecrvn

    headlight bulbs

    Update There is a definite improvement over the standard HIR2 bulbs .No real change in the distance lit but the road ahead is much brighter .
  11. stevecrvn

    headlight bulbs

    I had Toyota optiwhites fitted yesterday £49.75 in my local dealer , will tell how could they are on my first drive this morning which is 20 mile on unlit roads if your Auris is a Mk2 but not the facelift MK2 there is a service bulletin where there is a possibility that Toyota might change the headlights.
  12. stevecrvn

    How do I improve Yaris Hybrid Excel dipped headlight

    Had Optiwhites fitted to my Auris this afternoon due to poor Dipped headlights . They £49.75 for the pair , it did include fitting plus had a wash and vac 😀. Will let you know what they are like after a night drive
  13. stevecrvn

    Engine management light

    I had this on my 2005 Yaris D4d and was told it was a glow plug. Car still run fine
  14. stevecrvn

    My new adventure

    I have just changes from a 10 Plate to a 15 plate Touring but both are diesel .The boot space and the ride on the Touring is much better but I do prefer the dash layout of the older model p the headlights on the touring are awful compared to every other car I drive .
  15. stevecrvn

    Auris exhaust

    Glenn I had a issue wit the horn on my 2010 Auris, it wasn't the horn it self but the pad in the steering wheel . It was changed under the extended Toyota warranty I purchased.