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  1. I have the face lift model and to be honest unless you put im the optiwhite bulbs the beam is still not good. I do agree the front does look better though .
  2. Im on my third 14.4 d4d first was a yaris bought with 29k sold with 146k never missed a beat , then a mk1auris 30k to 130k only a gearbox issue and now a mk 2 facelift sport tourer had it a year and put 20 k on it averages 57 mpg
  3. I have a facelift Auris 2015 on a 65 plate that has the trusty 1.4 d4d , thats why I bought this one over the 1.6d
  4. To be honest no way would I leave that on thye car without it being checked and classed as safe by a professional tyre fitter. Asa other posters said that is the only contact you have with the road.
  5. Have you tried changing the bulb in case there is a problem with the filament parting company with the electrodes ?
  6. I have a 65 plate Diesel Auris but it is the 1.4 D4D . I bought ther 1.4 as I had Auris and a Yaris previously with this engine and both were very reliable. This Auris is doing 55.4 average to the gallon.
  7. I had done 147k in my Yaris d4d and was still on the original clutch when I sold it
  8. I had a water leask on my 2010 Auris and these I belive was the problem in the boot on the back lights . It was done under warranty at about 4 years old Genuine Toyota Duct Assembly Quarter Vent Auris/Hybrid/Corolla/Verso 629400F010
  9. I( have fitted Optiwhite bulbs to my Auris It is a worthwhile upgrade as the std lights are so poor. The lights are now brighter but the obviously the range or direction does not change due to the design of the highlight itself. There are a few features I think the MK1 Auris I had previously done much better than this MK2 . Highlights being one of them
  10. I have them fitted to my 2015 Auris they are noticeably much better than the standard bulbs but the lights on my MK 1 Auris were still better ( 4 bulbs set up)
  11. Chris maybe delete them all and re load from the new phone.
  12. I failed to get the Grill off my Mk2 facelift , but I found if you take all the clips and the one bolt out the top plastic panel can jiggled about and made to flip up . It cannot be removed fully due to a bolt bracket. I was able to access the horn and replace with a pair of low and high tone horns. I did not cut the wiring on the car but made a jump lead that fitted into the original horn connector. Works really well no more Noddy Horn.
  13. I have managed to get to the horn as with a bit of jiggling about the plastic trim above the grill can be moved to allow access to the horn . I gave found that the wire going to the single horn looks very thin . Will this be a problem if i fit the dual horns off a avensis or another Toyota