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  1. If the car is fitted with DRL and auto lights and you disable them would this not cause issues with any insurance claims as a safety device has been disabled .
  2. I have optiwhite in the Auris and Elta in the Yaris . The Elta seem to give a better light then the optiwhite and are a lot cheaper
  3. I used a Toyota approved service centre Geraint Hill in Aberdare for the first time for this service on the auris . Normally use the main dealer near work to me FRF Bridgend who are very good , but due to illness this was not a option to travel that far . To be fair car was in and out in 90 mins all very efficient and friendly
  4. This from the Brochure on The Toyota website Which shows height adjustable front seats , but want to be 100 % certain before we place a order. We have been told we would be looking at a mid March 2022 delivery
  5. Had a test drive today in a Yaris Cross but it was a Excel model . Has anyone taken delivery of a Icon model and would you be able to post some interior shots as the ones on the Toyota Website don't really show much of the interior . Also does the passenger seat have height adjustment . I have seen two reports that conflict on this Thanks Steve
  6. Very disappointed to see that Halfords have increased the excluded items on the new discount cards Certain exclusions apply to Motoring including Dash Cams, Sat Navs and Audio Certain exclusions apply to Cycling including Tech, Electric Cycles and Scooters Is this a recent change as I cant remember reading it when I received the new card
  7. Thanks for this . I just wish I had held off then as mine was serviced 10 days ago
  8. Mike Thanks . I had seen the post and is in line with what the dealer told me the beginning of the month when I was booking the car in for the service . I hope that Toyota do something for owners with cars over 5 years old for servicing . Toyota already have a industry leading warranty for 5 years so would not expect them to be able increase it further Steve
  9. I was disappointed read ''annoyed '' to find that 5+ had ended with no replacement announced . I had to pay £300 plus a extra 10 pounds for the insurance on the loan car this week. I will add that I always do have very good service off FRF Bridgend so do not blame them in any way. Apparently there is something coming out for owners on June the 1st but no one is able to confirm this. We signed up both our Yaris and Auris to the 5+ scheme last year but never got to use the scheme, so unless the new scheme ''if there is one'' has a similar price model I will be paying at least a extra £200+ a year on servicing. I do more than 10,000 a year . I will be considering taking the Auris ( diesel ) to a good local Toyota independent garage for servicing next time as it is also now out of warranty, so where is Toyota business model to keep older cars in the dealer network .
  10. Worth a look PCD Toyota wheels -Wheelfitment.eu | PCD, Offset, Center Bore, mounting and tire size data
  11. I was told by my local dealer that the 5+ had now ended when I tried to book by 2015 Yaris in a few weeks ago
  12. Joe I think as Bob said they have been previously refurbished and damp has got under the lacquer . They look worse by the day
  13. Thanks Will considering that as I am no too worried on keeping the mirror finish It just so annoying they have gone bad . The alloy wheels on my 17 year old Panda 4X4 look in better shape Bob they looked really good when I bought the car nearly 2years ago but quickly started to go white in places
  14. I have 2 alloys on my 2015 Hybrid which are breaking down really badly due chipping, curb rash before I had the car and causing damp under the mirror surface. Has anyone had these refurbed or could should I consider buying 4 alloy wheels off a mk 3 Yaris that were not the mirror finish . How would I be able to sort the TMPS if I went down this route would the garage be able to swop the valves from the old wheels without having to recode ?
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