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  1. stevecrvn


    My 2015 Yaris with the Toyota optiwhite bulbs is not as good as our 2015 Auris also with optiwhite and Projector headlights
  2. Thanks all as mine does not have the rear tints only being a Icon hybrid sounds like I might be better sticking with my manumatic diiping mirror.
  3. Thanks for help , I will have a look at ordering one to try
  4. Bob Thanks that will be great
  5. After the success in fitting Cruise to my 2015 Yaris hybrid does anyone know if the wiring is in the headlining to connect a auto dipping mirror from a better spec Yaris ?
  6. I went from a Yaris into a Hyundai i20 for 3 years .It was a diesel but was 100% reliable . We have gone back to a Yaris as I wanted a small hybrid and did find the i20 quite low. I general the Hyundai Dealer we used was fine , The servicing costs were about the same as Toyota but the dealer did not do lift to work etc when the I20 was in for servicing and if I wanted a Courtesy car had to book weeks in advance
  7. Do all Yaris Hybrid have the hil start assist as , I do not think mine has a 2015 Icon . The wifes Auris does and find it a pain as I reverse down a hill and if I touch the brake it comes on
  8. Mk 1Yaris the best car I have ever had m My daughter had mine when she passed her test and loved it
  9. No not fitted to mine for some reason
  10. Hi All Will this work on a 2015 hybrid ICON ?
  11. Not sure if these help This is a link to the passenger side trim but it shows the fiixings
  12. I have agree with Tony . It might be something very simple that would be best left to a Toyota dealer.
  13. It was changed under the Toyota 5 year warranty there does always seem to be some on Ebay for sale
  14. This is the top dash removal but it does some idea of how the dash is built up