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  1. I would just suggest the the pipe on the wiper arm has frozen and maybe caused a pipe to split or a joint pulled loose
  2. I have fitted the DAB radio I purchased and attached the Satnav off my other unit . I used a aftermarket Aerial Imwell DAB Aerial Car Radio Signal Amplifier GSM Patch: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics and used a adapter as the one on the aerial was not deep enough Bingfu DAB Car Aerial Adapter SMB Female to Male: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics all works really well thanks for your help
  3. Bob Thanks for the advice I think a aftermarket one will be the easier to fit .
  4. My 2015 Icon Hybrid has the Sat nav module fitted . This radio does not have Dab . I have purchased a Hybrid Radio with DAB from a 2016 but no Satnav , What is needed to swop the SAT Nav module between the radios and will my Hybrid have the aerial fitted for the DAB Radio ? TIA for any advice Steve
  5. I am getting 58mpg at the moment dropped from about 65mpg in the warmer weather
  6. That is why I paid 3k more for the yaris than the Auris . Cant tow a trailer with the Yaris though
  7. I have a 1.4 d4d Auris estate and a Yaris Hybrid . I use both to commute to work 2 days in each and one in my Panda 4x4 (39mpg) 😉 the commute is a 74 mile round trip with a mixture of motorway and urban roads it can be stop start at times . The Auris is showing a average of 61.4 mpg and the yaris is around 58 mpg but more summer . I prefer the Hybrid on the run to work due to the Auto etc but the diesel pulls away better at speed .You will find that a diesel Auris is lot cheaper to buy than a Hybrid one
  8. It Cruises along well at 70 mph . I tend to go along at 60 mph and the car is doing about 60 miles to the gallon
  9. I have the 1.4 d4d In a 2015 Auris sports Tourer . Its go well but fast and need to change down on some hills but happy with the car . I belive with a 2016 model at least in the uk the car would be a 1.6 BMW engine . I bought the 1.4 D4d as I was told it was the more reliablr engine
  10. stevecrvn


    I had the optiwhites fitted to the Yaris and to be honest they were still not brillant . I have changed them for https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ELTA-HIR2-9012-PX22D-VISIONPRO-150-UPGRADE-CAR-HEADLIGHT-BULBS-3700K-12V-55W/184104731099?epid=8031872835&hash=item2add7f41db:g:D3EAAOSw~w5eCSed These seem better then the optiwhites and have now been in the Yaris for nearly 10 months. I have a Auris as well and have a set optiwhites in there fir over 2 years . I am not sure if the shape of the highlight makes a difference but they seem better in the Auris than the Yaris.
  11. I have goodyear vectors on the back of the auris . I have found no difference in the summer , It will be intertesting to see how they go now with winter coming . I have Michelin Crossclimates on the front and these seem feine as well
  12. We have a Auris Sports Tourer ( d4d) and a yaris ( Hybrid) I find the Auris low to get in and out off compared to the Yaris . Otherwise the Auris is a fine car with loads of room with the estate able to carry most things we need
  13. stevecrvn


    My 2015 Yaris with the Toyota optiwhite bulbs is not as good as our 2015 Auris also with optiwhite and Projector headlights
  14. Thanks all as mine does not have the rear tints only being a Icon hybrid sounds like I might be better sticking with my manumatic diiping mirror.
  15. Thanks for help , I will have a look at ordering one to try
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