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  1. I had the front ones from Halfords . Much better light . I have not changed the centre one
  2. I have optiwhites in both the Auris and the yYris . They are a improvement on the std bulb but quite expensive at around £50 . The auris has recently blown 1 bulb so I have replaced with a optiwhite. I have orderd these as spares as one bulb has blown on the Auris after 13 months using up the last spare optiwhite i had     Hopefully they will be fine but a lot cheaper than optiwhites
  3. This is JET 1 This was a really replicar in Rover Fest a few years ago
  4. I think the Yaris hybrid has been untouched so far due the the position of the Cat . Its too awkward to remove quickly
  5. I have a 1.4 D-4D Icon estaste , it a bit basic but drives well . Mine has 48k on the clock now and has been faultless in the 2 years I have owned it
  6. This is the first time I have read of this issue on a Auris but seems very common on Pearl White IQs. I think there are quite a few posts on this forun re Pearl white paint and the IQ peeling badly
  7. Frank have had my 2015 yaris hybrid for just over 2 months and done about 4000 miles . i am doing mid 55s to the gallon which is about the same as the HyundaI turbo diesel I used the drive. The yaris is so much nicer to drive and I love the auto . As for your section 2 I wear a coat in the mornings and turn the heating off as soon as the windows are clear this does keep the engine off a lot longer ...
  8. Maybe we could fit |H4 Night breakers to these 🙂
  9. I totally agree that Toyota should be able to supply lights that are fit for the purpose but its not just Auris its seems to be anything with the HIR2 bulb. At time when it is dark and drizzling I do not feel confident in either the auris or yaris . Both our Previous cars were Toyotsa being a MK1 Auris and a MK1 yaris , they had really goods lights so why toyota made this backward step I do not understand.
  10. Our 2015 auris has the 1.4 d4d enging and always gives between 57 - 58 mpg is currently putting my hybrid to shame.
  11. That would be very interesting if it can be done as I go to work in the morning when its still dark and before the street lights come on
  12. I never look at the CVT gear lever on mine just use the display on the dashboard
  13. My 2015 Yaris Hybrid is the same no steering wheel illumination but our 2015 Auris TS has .
  14. I Paid £52 for the pair fitted a few weeks ago in my local Toyoya dealer
  15. I am all down in the mid 50s in my Yaris Hybrid. Trying turning the heater off once the car has warmed up I think it does spend more time in EV then