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  1. I have goodyea rVector 4 seasons on the back of the Auris and Michelin cross climates on the front , This is because I needed 2 back tyres in June so had the Goodyears as they were on offer but when in September I needed 2 on the front the Goodyears were out of stock everywhere . 195/65/15 .When I had the goodyears fitted I found there is a slight drone at sprrd but it was not really a problem . This Michelins do not seem to do this. They tyres seem fine in the wet . I have not had a chance to try them yet in the cold weather. Fot the price I will br fitting the Michelins all round next time. Steve
  2. I have now had the Optiwhites fitted to the Yaris and to be honest they are still poor compared to the optiwhites in our Auris. Has anyone changed the headlights in a Yaris hybrid for the ones with the H4 bulbs ( no projector) and if so was it a easy change or did it invove cutting the wiring TIA Steve
  3. I have had my Yaris hybrid for a month now and done 1400 miles . Fuel consumprion is average of high 50s and as petrol is about 5p a litre cheaper around here than diesel It is working out cheaper that the I20 diesel we but not as good as the previous yaris D4D (Mk 1yaris 65 mpg best car ever !) After 39 years of driving,a hybrid does take some getting used to.You quickly learn that harshy accelerationand braking means taking a hit to the fuel consumption. Ihe car loves cruising along at a steady speed. The stragest thing I find is previously I would go all out to avoid the jam on the M4 on the way home in the afternoon , now if I am stuck I just 'bob along' seeing how far I can on with the petrol enging starting up. So far I am well empressed it took some getting used to the noise of the reving engine but the trade off for the auto box is worth it.
  4. Have you a siezed brake caliper ?This would cause he engine / motor to work under a greater load load to move the car. . After you have run the car look at the wheels is there a heat haze or carefully feel the centre of the wheel ( it might be hot ) This would indicate a seized brake . My previous auris had 2 rear brake calipers changed due to piston /sliders stuck. Steve
  5. . What pressure drop do you need to activate the light ? Am I correct that if you set all four low ( gauge incorrect )and then you use the reset button on the car the car assumes that is the correct pressure I still check my tyre pressures manually with a digital gauge as supermarket pumps vary so much.
  6. Why are you looking to change the headlight has it become discoloured / cloudy ?
  7. I have had a yarid d4d which was a great car . We now have a Auris with the same diesel engine again great car with £20 road tax. The yaris I had was a MK 1 so had £30 tax. I have now gone for my first Hybrid Yaris as I wanted a Automatic and there was no option to have Diesel Auto Yaris . I would recomment you drive both as they feel a lot differnt behind the wheel. The Diesel Yaris is seems to quite a bit cheaper now to buy than a hybrid
  8. I have had the the optibright Bulbs fitted for about twelve month sand they are quite a brighter. I have now have a Yaris Hybrid as well with the Std HIR 2 and I can see how bad the Std HIR 2 lights are. Could this also be down to the highlight unit itself. They are projectors on both the Auris and Yaris so if I bite the bullet and buy the 2nd set of optiwhites will I see the same improvement ?
  9. Driving the hybrid today for the first time found the brakes need to have a bit of shove compared to the D4D Auris . They do stop the car well though
  10. Bob . i have just bought mt first hybrid Yaris . what is the best way to drive ? I am used to the 1.4 d4d
  11. Lesley . Unless the front wheels are raised You will damage the gearbox / Hybrid system . This what what it says in the handbook When towing the vehicle If the vehicle is towed with the front wheels contacting the ground, the drivetrain and related parts may be damaged or electricity generated by the operation of the motor may cause a fire to occur depending on the nature of the damage or malfunction. If a tow truck is not available in an emergency, your vehicle may be temporarily towed using a cable or chain secured to the emergency towing eyelet. This should only be attempted on hard surfaced roads for short distances at low speeds. Hope this helps Steve .
  12. I have been reading this post with concern as I am just purchasing a Yaris Hybrid. I have done some digging around on Google and cant find any info on the Yaris Hybrid being affectyed by this theft. Is thiis because the location of the Cat is different . I have located a photo which shows and reports it is a Hybrid Cat so is this why they are not been stolen on the Hybrid Yaris ? I also have a Auris diesel should I be concerned of theft from this or is the cat different ? .
  13. Im in the process of buying a 65 plate yaris hybrid. There is no spare with the car so will look to get a second hand one. Can you please advise what size I need to look for and from which model I should be looking. The car has 175 65 15 tyres as standard Thanks in advance Steve
  14. stevecrvn

    Confused !

    I have taken the plunge and put a deposit down on a 65 plate Yaris Hybrid Icon . Hope it goes as well as it drove on the test drive. Will try and keep a log of how it goes and happy to share Thanks to everyone who has posted
  15. stevecrvn

    Confused !

    I Currently get 57 mpg out of my Auris d4d and 53mpg out of our Hyundai I20 diesel so would need to achieve at least low to mid 50s mpg not to increase my running costs.