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  1. My Auris (57 plate) is in the garage right now, with a suspected dry wheel bearing on 66k miles. I've had more problems with this car than I can talk about without getting angry or bursting into tears(especially after just reading how much the part is). I bought the car a month before its 3 year warranty ran out and so far I have spent nearly £700 in repairs and labour (not including today). Suffice to say, I won't be getting another. I bought this car for it's reliability! Jackie
  2. Hi JB I'm a newbie too. I have the Auris D-4D. Welcome to the site :) Jackie PS Bit spooked that as soon as I typed that the new Auris ad came on the TV!
  3. Hi Leigh I'm a newbie too. Welcome to the site :) Jackie
  4. Thanks Marqs.That link doesn't seem to work for me though? The good news is I did what was suggested and just made a data disk of mp3s and got well over 100 tracks on there which play in the car. Yay! Still means I have to change over my bought CDs when I want to hear them, but this will keep me quiet for now, until I can source a multi-changer. Thanks guys! One happy bunny
  5. Thanks clangnuts. I think I've got to that age where technology starts to bypass you!
  6. Ah, so if I buy data cds instead I can get 100s of MP3's on? Cool, I'll do that. Would still be nice to be able to play my CDs though. Seems a waste of time downloading them to the pc, converting them to MP3 then burning to another CD! Would still be interested in a multi changer if anyone can advise me Thanks all Jackie
  7. Hi David I have a few of these already, but only get 20 tracks on a CD? Jackie
  8. Well Dwilson it looks like you were right, I wasn't pushing the pedal all the way to the floor. So far today, it's started every time, so we will see how I get on from here. Now all I need to figure out is how to change the clock! Thanks for your help all
  9. Oooh, I got it now! Thanks a lot JW!
  10. Hi That's pretty much what I'm doing. We'll see what happens tomorrow. If it's me being an idiot, then fine as it means the car isn't faulty. He seems pretty insistent I'm doing something wrong though. Will let you know how I get on Thanks everyone Jackie
  11. Go to your profile page,then click on "posts" on the right hand side of the page Thanks, but I can't figure out how to get to my profile page from the forum! I've just saved my profile as a favourite because I can't figure it out. Would have thought it would be a quick link or something?
  12. Hi all I spoke too soon. Had problems again this morning, so called the guy I bought it from who tells me I'm doing it wrong. But he was the one who said it was clutch and brake! Getting very annoyed with it. He's told me to bring it in so he can show me what I'm doing wrong. If it's not as simple as pressing the clutch and turning the key, I'm not sure I want to keep the car!
  13. Thanks both. Could one of you please tell me how I find the conversations that I've posted in? I can't seem to find my way around the site. The help says something about My assistant, but I can't find that anywhere! I found one screen showing where I'd posted, but I found it by accident and now seem to find any link that takes me back to my own postings. Am I going mad or is it not obvious? Jackie
  14. Well, I have an update for you. Just went out and tried it with just the clutch and it worked 3 times! Typical. Glad I tried it before ranting at Toyota! Thank you all for your help. Will make sure again tomorrow, just in case, but looks like I was given duff advice
  15. I will do and will also call the vendor as he said it was all checked over for faults before I picked it up. I'm hoping it's just me being an idiot!
  16. Hi Adam Nothing happens at all
  17. Thanks for your replies. Hi Bill I think it's an ex hire car so it's done 55k. Thing is when I took it for a test drive, the vendor said press the clutch and brake and it did start second time around. I thought I had done it wrong first time. So I'm assuming me pressing the brake aswell isn't causing the problem and it should start. I can't see that I can get it that wrong, so will get on to Toyota on Monday I think. Thanks!
  18. Hi Adam, he told me clutch and brake. I just can't get it to work first time round, so I have to turn the ignition off, try again, nothing, do it again, and again, then eventually it starts. Doing my head in! Thanks for your reply. Think I will call him or Toyota on Monday
  19. I picked up my Auris yesterday and was told about the odd ignition sequence! Since I have tried starting it, it takes me several attempts to get it going. I depress both the clutch and brake, but it doesn't start until after I've done it a few times and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I don't want to take it back to the vendor if I'm just being blonde and missing something, but how hard can it be to start a car??!! Grateful for any responses Jackie
  20. Hi Manchie I had this with my Seat Leon and it was only due to a curious mechanic that it was resolved. It happened when there was lots of power needed eg with lights on, stereo on, heater etc. I lost power and my lights went off, then the windows stopped working etc. Another time the car wouldn't start. It turned out to be an under powered fuse in the fuse box. Whenever I had lots of gizmos on, it would short out. Just replaced it with another higher powered fuse and problem was solved. Jackie
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  22. Just thought I would say hello. Picked up a 57 Auris 2.0D-4D yesterday, so just getting used to it as it's quite different from my Leon TDi! Also used to have a Gen 6 Celica which I loved but sold as my fuel costs were too high (sigh) I have raised a Q in the Auris section about CD multi changers, if anyone has any words of wisdom Thanks! Jackie
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