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  1. Not sure about the Auris, but older type vehicles could have the air/petrol mixture upset by pressing the brake. It's all to do with brake servo assistance which gets its 'power' from the engine air intake. You should leave the footbrake alone when starting. Just press the clutch. Still sounds to me as though there is a separate problem. I assume it is petrol not diesel. Best thing is to do what you say: take it to main agents. They will have a diagnostic machine which they just plug into the car and it will display any faults. All clever stuff, but not infallible. I once had a car which misfired but the diagnostic machine failed to detect that all it needed was a new set of spark plugs! Best of luck on Monday
  2. Doesn't sound stupid to me. If it won't start when you simply depress the clutch (and then turn the key) it could be that you have a separate starting problem which is nothing to do with the starting procedure. Has the car done many miles? BMC Minis have the same starting procedure by the way.
  3. Have recently bought a 2006 T4 Avensis (43000mls)from local agents. The steering has a pull to the left.The garage firstly diagonally swapped the wheels which improved things but the veer to the left was still there especially on motorways. They then sent it to a steering specialist for full alignment check. Again slightly better after they adjusted the track. However, it is still not correct. I have to constantly pay attention to the steering which can be very tiring and possibly dangerous. If my concentration lapses the car will now gradually, but inevitably veer to the left. I am obviously taking road camber in to account, but it is more than that. Generally, I find the steering much lighter than any other car I've had: great when parking but a bit unnerving at speed. Is this problem common to this model? I've checked so far as I can that the vehicle has not been in a serious accident. It has 17" wheels and low profile tyres which I dislike.I generally drive at moderate speeds.
  4. Hello, i'm a new member having bought a 2006 T4 Avensis about a month ago from local agents. I have voice recognition fitted to the car, complete with steering wheel control but it does not work. There is no 'beep' when I press the button and nothing happens. So far as I can understand from the handbook, it is related to the satnav in some way, but I do not yet have the satnav instructions. I can just about get the satnav to work on a basic level but is there something I should do in order to get the voice recognition working? I assume the voice recognition only controls the radio/dvd side of things or does it also control the satnav when it's working? I was also interested to see that you ran your previous Avensis on LPG. I have all the LPG fittings, including tank etc. from my previous car and was thinking of having it fitted (my car is auto and high on fuel consumption). I'm a little afraid that the Avensis might be too sophisticated to fit LPG, in that the sensors etc. could pick up all sorts of anomalies.