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  1. How do you turn off Internet disconnection when idle for a while? Cheers
  2. Im struggling to connect to the net.....when i do, it only lasts for a few mins. All cables tight and secure. Anyone help me please. Ta
  3. Sure will. Pricey as hell arent they. And that !Removed! spy zapper does my nut in lol!
  4. Asked for a Mac code cos i wana change to Tiscali. How long does it take for them to send you one? Email or Post? Ta
  5. Want to changeout my Calipers & Discs, cos mine are rubbish. Do Brembo or other makes do packages etc? Ta
  6. Music to my ears..cheers. You got 18's mucker?
  7. Wanting to replace my standard 16's with 18's....would that poss without any spring adjustments etc? Ta
  8. I was thinking about getting my timing belt changed....found out a vvti doesnt have one???
  9. Wahooooo ive attacked the pulleys with WD40...and the squeak has done a burton! Thankyou for your tips
  10. Hi peeps. I have an engine squeak/squeal when car is ticking over. It doesnt pick up speed when I rev the engine....what could this be? Getting louder now. Cheers
  11. Its only when im setting off in a full lock. So yeh Giddlepin it could be the tyres snatching (not a nice feeling though is it) or yeh CV joints arent at their best. Mr T are poo so ill take it to a decent garage.
  12. Hi peeps, mainly when im setting off and in full left or right lock, my front wheels really judder......think ive explained what i mean? Told my garage about this and they said chuck some new tyres on front....it hasnt solved it. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. Anyone know of a number to get rid of the "Vodafone" operator logo off my girlfs phone? Done mine ages ago, cant seem to find the number you text now. Cheers
  14. Youngy


    You lot arent taking this serious...
  15. Im a drummer and wondered if any of you peeps are looking for a percussionist...or wanting to start a band up? Preferably in the Lincs area..... Get in touch and let me know what type of music you're into. Cheers
  16. Yeh left a voicemail Matthew @ 11am ish. Perhaps he's on hol??? Sent the order through, just wanted to let him know my details etc.
  17. All ok mucker? Just that he seems to be very hard to get hold of!
  18. Anyone ordered from Mark Sipe (My Tyres) for cheap tyres on the gold forum?
  19. Prebooked a carpark space on the net......received nothing through the post, should I? Do you just roll up and pull in a space knowing that youve paid? Whats the crack? Havent flown from here for a while as you can tell lol. Cheers
  20. Sounds intersting m8. Anywhere nice?
  21. New Road Angel I have. Cant fault it
  22. I went................
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