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  1. to get around this problem, nowadays i am using vpower or bp premium fuel and i also the Redex diesel fuel treatment with every tank full.
  2. Well done Kenny. I am not as brave as you. Nor do i have all the tools required. I have parked my thoughts for the time being.
  3. Thanks Paul9 and Avetoy. I am a bit worried to take off the turbo because it seem like a big job. I havent see any error or eml lights about turbo. Its just that when i took my EGR to clean yesterday i saw a ton of soot in it and hence i thought, what might be the situation inside turbo. I have cleaned my EGR couple of times before in the last 100000 km that i drove. @avetoy : What are the good injector fluids for me to use? I usually add "Redex Diesel Treatment" to my full tank of Diesel. Most of the time i use super diesel. Thanks a bunch guys.
  4. Fellow enthusiasts I have bought a turbo cleaning kit for my 2007 D4D Toyota Avensis (122000 miles done). I bought "Power Maxed Diesel Turbo Cleaning Kit" from euro car parts. As per the instrutions, i can clean the turbo without removing it. My question here is If i introduce the cleaning liquids/sprays into the turbo, what will happen to the grime and the cleaning liquid? Does it get drained into the exhaust? Where does it go? I do some simple DIY tasks on my car like changing oil, cleaning egr valve etc. Any help on how to proceed with this job? Thanks a bunch. Cheers , Nebu
  5. Dear Fellow Members I have a toyota Avensis 2.2L Diesel (D4D) 2007 model. I have a flat battery on my car now. I was thinking of replacing it myself. I am wondering if doing this will make me re-enter code etc for the Sat Nav and the FM stereo in my Car. These are in-built ones. Many thanks for your time and attention. Cheers, Nebu