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  1. What he said thnx mate : )
  2. Hey. I'm at work till 5.30 today so I will put a few pics on later. It's got 70,000 miles on the clock and it's been serviced ever 5000miles since iv had it. It was at 47,000 wen i got it back in 2010. I'm looking for around the £3000 ono. The typhoon has done around 20000miles I'd like £75 for it. Put picks up later. Jimmy ;-)
  3. Hello I'm Jimmy and live in Milton Keynes and im selling my 2004 t sport, only reason is i need to start saving money grrrr!! So I have a few items if any 1 is interested?? K&N typhoon kit used Engine strut brace used Wind deflectors (3dr) used Cat back exhaust system 4" used Or the whole car that will be easier ;-). Let me know if any 1 is interested and I will put some pics up. Ta jimmy
  4. were do u live need to no if it to far......
  5. I had a look and i found the 1s i ordered http://cgi.ebay.nl/H-R-Tieferlegungsfedern-Toyota-Corolla-E12-45-45mm-/370478094469?pt=Autoteile_Zubeh%C3%B6r&hash=item5642371885 just copy the link in google translater http://translate.google.com/# hope this helps
  6. Hi if u want to see wat it might look like after go on this thread http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=122477&st=0&p=1097165entry1097165 its mine and i got the 45mm h+r springs i got them from duche ebay for 145 delived
  7. intrested in the back box but need pics first
  8. dude what you on about! red on blue looks great! eg red lip wheels on blue cars. red brake calipers etc how did you do that got any pics? good idea mate, was planning on just adding a length of ducting onto the original but your idea is alot better ok on the bule on red i get wat ur saying but it all about personal opinion i just like to keep thinks the same and on the the bump stops i didnt take any pics, soz but wen cuting them i can say i cut them 20mm from the top on each one and all good so far on the maf sensor i have pulled the wiring loom out of the bolk head and its not strai
  9. yer same here in the end i just went for it..
  10. i got an k&n typhoon and i felt a differance (lol spelling) you can have a look at it on my build thread http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=122477
  11. yer i was think of doing that but just aint got round to it yet lol i will tho at some point for now i will do
  12. i want these http://www.rimstyle.com/products/detail/?category=alloy_wheels;type=asuka_racing_ke10_gm;model=11630;id=ASKE1-GM-ID11630-D17-W70l70-P4100-E42l42 or somethink like them i got to wait now till funds go back up
  13. ok why didnt the pic show????:censor:
  14. Hi ok to start with i have fit my head unit and sub i need good tunes then i have fit a K&N Typhoon i know its red and my car is blue but i got it for a good price and today i have just fit my H&R 45mm springs before after i really shoud of washed it but run out of time doing that 2moz front discs +pads next as they need doing and them new Rims just in case any wants to no i did cut my bump stops 20mm all round and that the ride is better with out lossing comfort
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