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  1. Happy Birthday _kingus_!

  2. ah crap won't make it to crail crashed the car yesterday, have a good day up though mate (Y)
  3. lately there's been an advert on the radio, it says "seat belts only work when you wear them" i totally agree with it where ever you go, no matter how far and quick you go, should always wear the seat belt. but on the other hand, if you don't want it to go off, while driving, just clip it on while sitting over it (Y)
  4. my car is a 1.3 fully standard yaris, don't think i'll take it on the track but i'll come and watch though haha
  5. well i'm from dunfermline area, but i'm willing to drive so i don't mind =]
  6. if it's weekends then i'll be ok with that, just need to keep an eye on weather now :P
  7. isn't looking forward to college tomorrow, but is looking forward to driving to college tomorrow because he's that proud of the car!

  8. hey guys, my name is king, from fife, just got a yaris on monday, so looking forward to some opinions and meets round about my area and get to some of you guys too! :D
  9. i'm from scotland! =] round about the edinburgh / fife area!
  10. new guy here :D totally up for it if time is right =] keep me updated! ;)