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  1. 146bhp will not give torque steer, I have the 2litre model and I don't get it even when accelerating hard.... such a problem does not really occur in cars much less than 250bhp and does not often cause much of an issue until you reach 300bhp. Sorry guys but I strongly suggest this is not torque steer As the car is well within the warranty period I suggest you get it back to the dealership for a check over One friend has a old school Escort Turbo Series 1, fully restored - 210 BHP, torque steers all over the road. Another has a Fiesta Turbo, 190 BHP, likewise, all over the place. My Avensis 180 BHP torque steers. In a friendly way, I disagree with not really getting torque steer until 300 BHP. But I agree that 147 BHP petrol wont have much torque!!??
  2. I agree. Most diesel's and high powered front wheel drive cars will torque steer on heavy-ish drive
  3. I have extended warrenty on my T180 Tourer. I was told today that they WILL NOT replace the rear light under warrenty!!
  4. The rear on my 2007 tourer is a right pain in the *****! You basically need to get two hands throu a gap the size of your rist! You just cant do it! You need to pull in, or push out, cant remember four clips. I ended up snapping one! Took me about half an hour to get it out, to only then find the idiots at Halfords gave me the wrong bulb! It then took about 20 minutes to get it back in just to drive back to the shops! I think Halfords bulbs are about £2.00, but you can pay an extra couple of quid or so, and they'll fit it! Guess what im doing next time! I'll be sitting in the car park eating a chocolate bar watching the halfords kid struggle!!
  5. I have the same on my T180 Tourer!
  6. I have a 2007 T180, 67,000 miles on the clock. My 1st gear is exactly the same!
  7. In the second from last photo, the section of that part nearest your hand looks cracked...? Is it?
  8. Fitter & Caveman. Thanks. I'll leave it alone I think.
  9. I could be wrong, but I think most ecu resets need 15 minutes - or so I've heard....
  10. Not much help, but make sure nothing has broken off the plug of your compressor plug. A mate had a simular problem. The reason what a bit of metal broke off the plug and was shorting out the system inside the lighter. As a quick fix, unplug the lighter, check the fuse and see if the other dash lights come back on. I know it doesn't fix the problem, but do you not have a lighter in the back for rear passengers?
  11. How do you know there is no spark? When I done a head gasket on a Mondeo Zetec, it wouldn't start. It turned out to be that the engine was flooded. If this is the case, take out the fuse to the fuel pump, and try to start. Obviously it wont start, but this burns off the fuel. Then put the fuse back in and fire up. Another thing - I would not have a clue why, but it might be worth disconnecting then reconnecting the battery. After you have done this, check all the fuses and relays. Something somewhere could have been shorted out or may not be connected - try all the connections. I am just guessing here so everyone else, please add your comments. Seems odd why the electrics are playing up after engine work???
  12. Hi all. I have a Avensis T180 2007. When the tank is full, the range computer says it will do about 420 miles. But I am doing 500-540 miles per tank. Even then there is still about a gallon left in the tank as I can only get in 55 ish litres. I have read on here about resetting the ecu so that the car can learn your driving style. I assume the car is thinking that the previous owner had a heavier right foot than me. I have tried re-setting the range computer by holding down the button as you do when resetting mpg etc but nothing happens. How do you re-set the ecu? I read about pulling out the ecu fuse... Where is it. Or is it best to disconnect the battery, but then I guess I'll loose the radio settings and phonebook memory etc.... What sould I do? Thanks
  13. I have had my 56 reg T180 for about 3000 miles or so. I agree it really depends on how you drive it. My mpg's have ranged from 36mpg to 47mpg. My 36 was me having a bad week with work and driving it quite hard. I noticed at one point I was doing over 100 mph (private road ;) ) and actually spent a week driving around without caring about mpg. I would say I mostly get 42-44 mpg, this is 20% A-roads and rest motorway. My one and only time of getting 47 mpg - I haven't a clue. I must have sat behind a lorry. All my figures are based per tank.
  14. Just been out to play with it, it changes the brightness when the headlights are on. Thanks Luthier.
  15. Nice one Wolly. I can only hope my wifes BMW will just fix itself. I'll keep you posted - although I wouldn't expect much on this lol...