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  1. i think if we listened to every review on cars then we would proberbly be riding bikes instead, its all down to personal preferrance and i think its a great little car, the new aygo is as popular as the old 1s, the dealers cant get them quick enough for customers, we ordered our x-cite on the 3rd july and took delivery of it on the 7th august, was told if we wanted the standard models or different colour then they would be 3 weeks waiting list so i think they will be a big hit
  2. my wife took delivery of the orange x-cite on the 7th of august but ordered it on the 3rd of july so took nearly 6 weeks to get, also the dealers manager is a friend of hers and told me that the aygos now dont get qc,d from the factory now, he also showed me the email from toyota which also said they take random cars off the transporter and check them before there shipped which hers was 1 and took another 4 days to come, but all in all its a great car, better built and looks wicked...
  3. i brought my wife a brand new ice for her 30th birthday last yaer and had the bonnet and roof decals fitted along with the tte spoiler, thats fitted using adesive, this i thought was abit strange but its verry strong and doesnt move in anyway, if u pull it the roof moves with it lol so bonding things using the right product it safe as bolting it up :D
  4. i used my wifes aygo ice instead of my auris sr, it drives wicked in the snow and now even better with the winter tyres on, tried to lark around in it but it just grips with thos on, would recommend these to any1, she works in a high secure hospital in the middle of nowhere and the roads are always bad, i saw a land rover stuck in the snow a few weeks ago and had to laugh when i over took him lol. ive now swapped to a yaris trend and will be getting some on that for the next winter season
  5. hi, ive got 1 fitted to m wifes aygo ice and yes you can feel a difference in the way it excellerates off the line, i struggled to keep up with it in my old auris sr which was tuned up to 170bhp from 132bhp, now i have a yaris trend 2013 which is just as nippy as her aygo
  6. after looking around the internet ive found toyota do a hid conversion but costs a massive £1100 or you could try an after market set, which is the way im going, i agree with the light output its nearly as bad as the wifes aygo which is not much better that a candle. compared to my auris they r poor This is HID kit available an official kit from Toyota ? You got a part number ? £1100 is not too bad if it is supply and fit , most HID/Xenon upgrades are about £700 - £1500. Or could the dealer just change the bulbs to some Osram Nightbreakers or simliar , without voiding the warranty. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2011-2012-2013-TOYOTA-P130-VITZ-YARIS-RS-130-GENUINE-FRONT-HEAD-LIGHT-XENON-Gs-/270918937716?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f1406ec74, this is the link for the headlight conversion i found
  7. after looking around the internet ive found toyota do a hid conversion but costs a massive £1100 or you could try an after market set, which is the way im going, i agree with the light output its nearly as bad as the wifes aygo which is not much better that a candle. compared to my auris they r poor
  8. it doesnt have to go t toyota as they wont do it, there is companies on the net who will sort this out for you, i had a price for my auris and they quoted me 450 to have it mapped
  9. i have a 2013 trend which is wicked, i throw it into bends and it stays there, the chassis is great as its been redesigned for the sr and trend which is called a sports chassis in the book lol, love the touch screen radio and reversing camera. overall im very impressed with it, drives just as good as my auris sr did but im only getting 42.7 mpg at the mo but its only 1 week old with 266miles
  10. i have a new 2013 yaris trend and ive not found it to come to a sudden stop, drives very well, just as good as my 2012 auris sr did. im really impressed with it
  11. figures have shown that by fitting a k&n filter and a performance exhaust can lower bhp without having it remapped, granted you do feel a difference to the performance of the car as its breathing more freely but like i said to get the gain people say you should get (15-25bhp) will need to be mapped. i remember a series of 5th gear where they tried this out on a mgzr and they lost 10bhp then had it mapped and got 26bhp back, so went from 105 to 131bhp, i found that fitting a panel filter and a cold air induction pipe worked better and could feel the vvt working well. if im right in saying the toyota ecu is locked out and would have to be sent away to have it chipped then mapped (just what i was told with my auris)
  12. i thought about fitting these to my 2013 yaris trend but the price put me off, over £200 quid for these is stupid, and to top it all off id have to strip the dashboard to fit these too. ive just done and ordered a set of aftermarket lights and will fit these with a fuse and relay so when the headlights turn on the drls go out like the aygo and auris hybrids
  13. think u might have misunderstood, the car was £14270 with sat nav, because i owed £13500 he took that off the price of the new yaris, so in theory i only paid the screen price instead of paying the price plus what was owed on the other. i tried for a skoda octavia vrs (new 1) before 1 purchased the auris and they offered me £6500 for a 2010 auris sr, so yep i told them to stick it and purchased a new auris sr instead as they gave me £9750 for it.
  14. you can get a great deal if you try hard enough, ive just purchased a brand new yaris trend with sat nav for £10500, but because my 2012 auris sr was only worth £10750 and i had finance on it at £13500 put the new car to £13250 but still got around £1000 off screen price which was £14270 with the sat nav, also got a set of mats, set of mudflaps, boot mat and a tank of fuel free. i think thats a result
  15. i have a customer with a vectra who had a problem with his dpf, i did a diagnostic check using auto comm and it kept saying egr valve problem, we replaced this but didnt do anything, after around 10 miles it came back on and wouldnt rev properly. after a few calls to vauxhall and autodata i found that the dpf and the sensor tubes was blocked. i was told to remove the dpf and use forte dpf cleaner and regenerator. after letting it work for 2 hours i flushed the filter with clean warm water and dried with my air blower i put the car back together and supprise supprise it worked, another mechanic took it for a road test and to do a force regeneration and after 6 months hes only been back for a set of brake pads, result
  16. i got mine from ebay, genuine toyota motorsport springs, i was told they was different springs by toyota and yes the part numbers was different, but when checking further found thqt the springs was the same, so i got a set for 25.00, these are also the same for the diesel, dut not the same as the 2.2 decat, my springs have been on doth my auris sr cars and think they are the bees knees
  17. hi Zparkie, i have a 1600 sr and its nice and light to press, yes its only done 6390miles but my old 2010 with 44000 on the clock was easy, its possable for the clutch master cylinder or slaveto be seizing up, highly unlikely but possable as ive changed these before on other cars
  18. it also depends on the year, ive had a 2010 and now got a 2012 which are the same ride hight as the standard auris, ive put the toyota motorsport springs on and its made it alot more responsive in the corners and under harsh braking
  19. this is very common with alloys weather it be a cheap rover alloy or a bentley alloy, its because the moisture in the wheel and the air that inflates the tyre gets underneath the lacuare that seals the paint and blisters which pushes the tyre away from the bead seat of the rim. i see this at least 3 times aday at work and all we can do is wire brush the bead and put a sealer on the rim to stop this or have the wheel referbished
  20. thats actually the osf wing and for some stupid cost saving nonsence they dont spray there, it will probably be the same under the bonnet as you cant see those parts when everything is shut, my wife has got a aygo and 2 weeks after having it i hosed not jet washed the paint off the inside of the rear bumper and was told that they dont paint there as it gets dirty and you cat see it, it did look a right state so they put some black stone chip there as advised by me, but ask the dealer to check with another yaris and have a look with 1 in a showroom
  21. hi, i had the same with my 2010 sr, took it to the dealer where they replaced the base, is your base slightly loose? mine was thats why it squeaked. ive now got a 2012 sr and its got to have a 2nd clutch so i think a little squeak is something i could cope with lol
  22. nope still do it, theres a couple of suttle changes to the interior from the last 1 i had, theres a tray on top of the dash where they used to be an air vent for 1, i will get some pics of it when its clean lol, heres the car at the showroom waiting for its pdi
  23. i had the same on my sr and tool it in where they changed the clutch pedal but didnt cure the problem, so i took it back again and they changed the master cylinder which did solve it, might be worth telling toyota so they cam sort it out, my be it is the clutch pedal switch. does it do it all the time?
  24. mine is a 2012 sr and fitted motorsport springs to mine and find it sits lower on the rear but put a spirit level on the car and its level, they was also the same on my 2010 sr aswell
  25. has the auris got a steering angle sensor? i had this problem on a customers car (mgtf) and was the sensor which was not set correctly but cant find anything on the net about this,
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