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  1. M12Nuts...Can I ask where you got the spring from, please? Cheers..Paul
  2. Folks, I'm after a replacement spring that's part of the drivers door lock assembly. My local dealership can only sell me the entire mechanism (at £241 + VAT)...which is a tad more than I wanted to pay for a spring (see attached image). If anyone knows of where I can get one of these springs, I'd be grateful. Cheers.. Paul
  3. Thanks Dave. I'd got as far as removing all the door padding, electrics etc, but hadn't gone as far as the linkages. I'll give it another go tomorrow, coz it's damned annoying having to open from the passenger door! Cheers.. Paul.
  4. 49Greenie ... I have exactly the same problem...was it difficult to remove/refit the door lock mechanism, please?