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  1. no warning lights on dash or has been on .
  2. its a warning light for brake pads on older models
  3. drives ok revs till gets around 3000 revs then feels like restricted can only get to 75 just any ideas????
  4. thanks for reply just done same would prefer to cure it though
  5. finding water in spare wheel well and rear side well where jack goes on 2002 d4d avensis estate could it be rear seal or is there a common fault ????
  6. hi i have been told that i need a tool to wind in brake cylinder can anyone help is there a way i can do it with out a tool diagrams would help
  7. hi just wondered if you can reset the display unit in avensis 02 estate as mpg showing all over the place also fuel as in miles left is arattic
  8. yes first thing i done?????????????????????
  9. hi this comes on when accelerating hard away from standing start and goes off once revs drop any ideas