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  1. Cheers. It was done just under 18 months ago. The garage said it had a lifetime ownership warranty. I've emailed them some photos and am waiting for a reply. Thanks, Ben.
  2. Hi, It's been a few years since I've last posted. I stepped away from several Web forums as I had started spending far too much time on them! I still have my 62 reg 4.3 and now have an issue with the rear bumper. It was replaced and resprayed by auto-restore after an idiot rear ended me on the A38 Aston expressway and now the paint is peeling on the corner of the wheel arch. Question is - is this due to stonechips and Wear and tear or a painting error? Thanks in advance.
  3. I purposely avoided the auto as even the published mpg figures are much lower than the manual. My 2012 2.2 Rav manual is averaging 38.5 mpg since I had it in august last year. It's done 6k miles now. It was up at 42 but dropped to 37.8 at its lowest and has started to creep back up over the last few weeks as tge temperature has picked up. I do 20 miles a day round trip to and from work, on 50;50 residential roads and dual carriageways. I reckon the economy is pretty good for a car of this nature. I have seen 46+ on motorway runs at a steady 70.
  4. The Sun being out on a bank holiday motivated me to take the Rav4 to a field for a picnic...
  5. Damn right! £17 for a litre! I did "red laser" it while in the shop and nowhere else was listed any less than halfrauds for the one litre.
  6. The check oil level light came on today, and last night. Car has done 4k miles so I didn't think it would use that much. The handbook says 5w30 but the book in halfords says 0w30 for 2009 onwards and 5w30 for pre, fully synthetic. Just wondered what he right one was and if there was any preference on brand. I put a litre of castrol edge 0w30 in, going on what the halfords book said.
  7. I had a lad come up from Hastings to buy my beetle. He had 3k cash and i had asked 3.5. I promptly offered to drive him to a cash point to get another £300 out as 3.3k was my lowest price. £8.5k sounds good to me for that age and mileage. I'd have took his money already!!!
  8. Did mine yesterday. First day of good weather. Jetseal on the wheels, wax on the body.
  9. benxt5


    How much is the chip for a 2012 150bhp diesel these days ans does.it make much difference? I did Walsall to Newbury and back (250 miles) on pretty much all motorway and a34 duel carriage way on Saturday (took the other half to Downton Abbey). I got 39 mpg, but I was doing 75 mph rather than the more frugal 65 mph.
  10. Yeah, it says volume and a number in a banner across the top of the screen on any function.
  11. ...and also, when did the quote system get all screwed up!?!
  12. Agree totally ! The engine is the Achilles heel of the latest Rav4.... Congratulations to those astute enough to buy one of the last of the older but equal to the new car 4.3s... That is where the smart money went cos from where Im sat the difference in cots between the 4.3 and the brand new car simply cannot be justified !! Thank you! (Smug face) Have I misread this or does it also not mention the Rav in the fuel economy part either? The Rav use to be praised for its "car like" ride and handling. Where has this gone? The new one is bigger yes, but I thought I had read that it was no heavier.
  13. benxt5

    New Rav4 Advert

    Yeah, I spotted it last night too. I can't see anything for the UK for the Rav but the Americans seem to have some brilliant ones... There current ad for the 4.4 (with the most lovely Kaley Cuoco) - http://youtu.be/iymBRSUfz9U There ad for the 4.3 - http://youtu.be/qUKM127dMNU
  14. My Rav "premium" side steps are also suffering from premature acne. Cleaned it today now that the snow has gone and whilst it looks cracking from a distance... ... the side steps are not so pretty. At only 6 months old and under 4k miles, i am not at all happy with this particular part of my £900 style pack! Are these as bad as anyone elses? Is it just a matter of telling Mr T and they should replace? Here are some photos of each side...
  15. benxt5

    Touch & Go

    Mine has the touch and go and it has the junction info when on the motorway. It also comes up almost full screen width at each Junction with the signs as they look in the gantry above. Really useful if on unfamiliar roads and not sure which lane to be in. I've also not had any major problems with the postcode accuracy, although it did say the other day " your destination is ahead on the left" and it was on the right! ...but then it is a female voice!!!
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