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  1. Hi Tony Thank you for your comments, the car is brand new and I don’t think that something is worn. By the way now after they have applied bushings greasing the noise almost completely gone, now when car is changing the direction I can hear a deep knock in the suspension but it is not so loud as it was before and no sound at all when traveling over speed bumps. The noise was obvious on front left end of the car and the dealer has mentioned that the they replaced left shock but it didn’t solve the noise. What I think is happened that anti roll link is making this noise and they somehow resolved it when reinstalled the left shock and mistakenly think that greasing the bushings is the solution. Will see what happens next if the noise will increase again. Do you think that anti roll link can make such deep knocking sounds ?
  2. First of all thank you for the your comments I have some update on the issue of suspension noise. Finally dealerships has reinstalled the anti roll bar and greased the bushings and the noise over bumps has gone. So from my understanding the reason of the noise was tight bushings on the anti roll bar. Now I have a slight clink noise when going through roundabout and it seems like the noise before but much more silent. Can it be that over time the bushings will wear out and be more silent ?? See attached picture of greased bushings that I pictured right after taking the car from the dealer.
  3. Hello Toyota hybrid hatch 1.8 front suspension noise over bumps I have just received my new Toyota corolla hatchback hybrid 1.8. After taking a side road with speed bumps I have noticed clicking creaking noise, it seems to be coming from the left side. The car drives well but the noise is annoying and sometimes I can feel it on the steering wheel. Took the car to the dealership but surprisingly they said “OK we can hear the noise but we don’t know where is it coming from, may be it is a stabilizer but we are not sure”. They even tried telling me that NEW Toyota hatch has electronic regulated suspension and this is the normal noise… Anyone else experienced some abnormal sound from the suspension while driving over bumps ?
  4. Hallo. Month a go i bought brand new toyota corolla 2010 manual transmission 6 speeds, the gear is ok but there is a very annoying problem. When shifting from 1st to 2nd the shifting stick is like "jumping" inside the gear and i can hear some "clunk" from the gear, it is not smooth like in other shifts when shifting from 3rd to 2nd no such thing. this is not heppening all the time. it's like going through two gears 1st clunk clunk 2nd and when you are trying to perform quick shifting you'll got stick jumps inside + clunck noise from the gear. Someone knows about this issue ?? is it ok in corolla 2010 gear ?? should i ask toyota to repair it or it's better not to touch the gear? p.s sorry for spelling Thanks alot for your halp