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  1. Zenden

    Passenger Airbag

    Thanks for the confirmation ..... although does seem to be the wrong way round to me as surely the majority of drivers will have it switched on and logic says that a light should come on if there is a problem
  2. Got a great deal last weekend ...... will post about it when not so pressed for time but just want to check if I have a problem as the manual is not very clear! When I press 'Start', the cluster display goes through it's checking procedure and the relevant display lights go out as they should however, the passenger airbag panel by the glove box whilst initially going out during the checking procedure then illuminates again after a few seconds and remains illuminated showing the airbag on. Is this permanent illumination/display correct or is it telling me there is a fault in the system? Thanks
  3. Zenden

    Wheel Sizes?

    Thanks everybody for your comments .... much appreciated. I have driven the Auris HSD and although the access was a bit easier than the Prius (slightly higher roofline), my overall opinion was that it was a bit too small for me, the boot in particular is significantly compromised by the battery. With a back problem you also tend to notice every bump and thud and the ride is not very comfortable in my opinion ..... I think in very general terms, the longer the wheelbase, the more comfortable the ride. I did drive the Prius at my local dealers and it was the T Spirit. I thought the ride was reasonable but my thinking was that the 15" wheels might be even more comfortable and thus an even better option, provided the handling and grip isn't noticeably compomised? Unfortunately, my dealer does not have a Prius with 15" available so it looks like I will have to go further afield to do a comparison. As for the aesthetics of the 15" which have been commented on, I have had some fairly exotic cars in the past and have sort of moved on from that now and provided I don't look a complete plonka then I will be reasonably happy ...... anyway, I can always wear a hoodie ;) The various comments on lumbar supports are intersting. I have driven cars where they are quite good but likewise, where they have been either too high or too low ....... that became particularly noticeable when manufacturers started fitting airbags in the seat sides. The main thing though is that we are all different shapes and sizes and implementing a 'one size fits all' approach is plainly wrong. The key is to try and keep the natural lordosis shape of the spine (the inward curve of the lower spine/lumbar region) and it is often the case that people who have a low back problem have a more flattened lordosis. Imho, manufacturers should build car seats that provide good support for the lumbar region without making them too firm or too prominent and providing adjustments further muddies the water. There are numerous and varied products on the market that can be bought for those that require additional support such as lumbar rolls of differing sizes. Oooops, just realised I've been rambling ...... Anyway, thanks again everyone for your comments.
  4. Zenden

    Wheel Sizes?

    Hi all, I've been looking around the forums for sometime now with great interest and picking up a few pointers along the way. I currently drive a 2.0 diesel auto mpv but because I've unfortunately developed a long term significant back problem my driving habits have changed a lot whereby now the majority of my journeys are short (often only a couple of miles or so). This plays havoc with the diesel particulate filter even though I still do a 100 mile round trip every 2 weeks ( half the time I'm bunny hopping down the road .... really good for the back!) and so I need to change to a petrol engine with auto. I started looking around at various cars a while back but was astonished at the poor mpg returns of petrol automatics ( at least on reasonable sized cars) and given that fuel costs can only only rise substantially in the long term, it becomes a major factor when choosing a car now (rather stating the obvious :) ). I went to my local Toyota Dealership, initially to look at the Verso 1.8 CVT but ended up going for a drive in a Prius. Undoubtedly the lower roofline (having been used to an MPV) did present quite a problem for me getting in and out and you can always find fault with any car .... trim quality etc. but I was incredibly impressed by the overall package and in particular the seemless way it drove and the ride comfort provided. Despite the access problems, the Prius ticks so many other boxes that I have decided to get one .... although strangely, in general conversation the dealer was rather vague about delivery times!! My problem now is which model to go for? I really don't need all the bells and whistles of the T Spirit or maybe even the T4 because cruise control for example wont get used. But where I am a bit of a numpty on this sort of thing is the wheel / tyre sizes. The T3 has 15" alloys (195/65R15) and the others 17" alloys (215/45/R17) and although I know what the various measurements mean, what I don't know is how they equate in the real world of driving! I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts, opinions and experience on the differences, particularly in terms of: Ride comfort Road grip Noise Wear Thanks