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  1. Hi Gents Many thanks for all the replies and help. I took the car to an A-A recommended and approved garage today who road tested the car on a 6 mile duel carriageway, then ran the engine for an hour in the garage and found 'no signs' of leaks, they did say there was slight signs of possible spillage from old antifreeze and to just monitor the car for the next month. As a pensioner I could have said to my local Toyota garage yes you are the experts and fit a new water pump at £690 + VAT,only this pensioner has not lost 'all' his marbles just yet. However this really is sadly a case that you just can not trust an official Toyota dealer who have lost in the long run as all future servicing will not be done by them and my next car will not be a Toyota. Happy Christmas to all Mike
  2. Hi Devon As I sat in reception today waiting for the suspension mod to be done I observed 1 girl who was nothing more than a 'greeter' as you came in, another behind the service desk (doing her nails) then a floor cleaner, then a tea lady making 7 cups of coffee, 3 salesmen chatting, no wonder they charge £100/hr. I like many others I stopped using Toyota for servicing when the guarantee ran out, my local garage fits Toyota parts when necassary and service costs are half that of Toyota and they run through everything they have done with you. In the first 4 services by Toyota none came out at the so called quoted price, it's my first Toyota but afraid the last! Mike
  3. Not sure which version of engine mine is,was it changed from the 2006 2.0 D4D? car is new shape model as July 2009 reg, mileage 41.000. Mike
  4. Is it me or is my local Toyota garage trying to rip me off ? The car (2009 Avensis Tourer TR 2.0 diesel) went in today for the free recall mods,but then the dealer said oh by the way you have a slight leak on your water pump, price £690.98 to replace + VAT !!!!!!! To me a water pump has hoses in and out and some have an impellor inside and some a gasket, whats so special about a Toyota pump are they gold plated?? Off to the AA in the morning to get it checked out as it may be cheaper to sell the car . What do other think !! Mike
  5. Hi Dave Funny you said that as 4 days before she left we did have a flat battery due to an internal light being left on for a few days, we were going to replace the battery (car now three years old next month) but we got it checked out and local garage said it was ok. Puzzle is the wife has drove the car 250miles south and was nearlry 180 mile back on the return journey when the above problems started plus the car has ran ok up to now. Mike
  6. Friday 25 May. Wife on M1 outside lane driving our 2009 Toyota Avensis Tourer 2.0 diesel TR in a slow moving traffic jam, hot sunny afternoon on a 240 mile return trip home, then engine stops, after three none starts it starts again (she only 'thinks' she may have stalled it ,but not sure. Then after driving ok for another 20 miles the VSC (vehicle Tracking Control) and TRC (vehicle traction control ) 'lights come on ' in the display panel which stays on for the next 75 miles drive back home. I tried the car on a short trip (4 miles) when she came home and everything works ok and none of the above lights on. Do we need to worry, or has it reset itself. Thanks Mike
  7. Hi Mark We have had our Toyota Avensis Tourer TR 2.0 Diesel (manual box) from new (June 2009)which we mainly purchased for towing our caravans,Due to the new model Avensis having a kerbside weight of 1,520 Kg and tows both our caravans of 1,326Kg MTPLM and the other 1,400 Kg MTPLM with no problems. The car itself has ran fine with the main complaint being the 'push button' brake location and the service costs. But,also in all the new cars we have had we have never had to replace 'all' the tyres at 21.000 miles (£500) or had the replace the 'rear' pads at 21.000 miles (£90), nor been told we need to change the brake fluid at 21.000 miles (£49)! We are pensioners and the best ever fuel consumption we have had with the Avensis is 48 mpg normal, but towing is good at 33 mpg. Will we buy another Avensis ? NO,sorry it will be back to Nissan, our last X-Trail only needed tyres changed at 42.000 miles, service intervals was every 12.000 miles (not 10.000 as Avensis), brake fluid at 36.000 miles and service costs were cheaper. Mike
  8. I recently saw my brother in law have his engine electronically 'chipped' which I understand can be fitted to most modern cars. To chip his 2000 model Audi A4 cost £48 for the chip and it took 10 min at best to fit it free. To date he is now getting at least an additional 7 mpg more and has an approx additional 25 BHP increase. [*]My question is can a chip be fitted to a June 2009 Avensis Tourer 2.0 Diesel?(new design model) [*]What would the chip cost? as I understand it varies from car to car. [*]What if any are the down sides or effects 'if any' on the engine wear and tear? [*]Would it effect the insurance as you are modifing the engine? If these chips are so good why do Toyota not fit them in the first place?
  9. Hi All Looked in many places and web sites, but can anyone tell me the 'towbar Noseweight' on my June 2009 Avensis Tourer 2.0 Diesel TR. I 'think' It is 75 Kg, but would like to know for sure so I can check it against my caravan weight. Thanks Mike
  10. Before I commit pen to paper and reply to this letter, I would be very interested the views of other Toyota owners who may have received a similar letter. If you are worried about the warranty just wait till you get it serviced, 'then you will have something to complain about. See my post below Time To Get Rid Of My 2009 Avensis Tourer Mike
  11. Tyres on my Avensis Tourer are 215/55r17 94w, originaly fitted with Bridgestone Turansa, front new ones now Goodyear Excellance. Mike
  12. Looking on the web I found Avon ZV3 Tyres to fit the car at £113.76 each (fitted)at Blackcircle and a local dealer. There are of course cheaper tyres like Marangoli who I have never heard of, has anyone fitted/experiance of Avon Z3 tyres before as they have a good write up for a reasonable cost?,but forwarned is forarmed! Thanks guys Mike
  13. Hi James I was repling to you last post and it disappeared?? No offence taken mate. The garage service report on the tyres said: Quote Rear Left : inner 4 Middle 3 outer 2 Rear Right: inner 5 Middle 4 outer 3 Tyres have flat spots below 1.6 Unquote: The two front Tyres I had to replace in December so are new. They said when we picked up the car that they had re-checked the brake fluid and it would be ok until the next service. They said the rear pads were 80% worn and recommended replacing them, so how long does the 20% last?? (I am no mechanic but would have thought the front pads would wear first).
  14. Hi James Sorry I may have not put things clear, I am getting old but this pensioner did not fall off the last boat from China! I did obviously pay for the service, but, did not tell them to do anything else and I will get a second opinion, my main point is I do not expect a list like this for a car that's eighteen months old and has done only 21.000 miles. The Avensis is not exactly a cheap car and I had hoped for just your normal servicing, while I expected less miles before needing to change the tyres due to front wheel drive, I did not expect to do it at 21.000 miles. My X Trail had four wheel drive but still give acceptable tyre wear, nor did the brakes need replacing nor did it need brake fluid changing at 21.000 miles, not to mention servicing was every 12.000 miles. We like the Avensis and it drives well and It's a pity and maybe it is just me, but the car will never need a 40.000 mile service while we own it and sadley I would never recommend it to anyone due to servicing and running costs. Mike
  15. As pensioners now we bought our new Avensis Tourer 2.0 TR Diesel in June 2009 hoping it will last us for some time and for reliability and just standard servicing costs. We called our local Toyota dealer for a 20.000 mile service price, normally they said £250 but we have a 'special offer' on at £207. We booked the car in for the agreed £207.00, then we had a call saying they needed to change the brake fluid + £46, then another call the two back tyres need replacing + £122.00 Each, then ten minutes later another call the rear discs need changing + £100! We had to replace the front tyres in December (£140 each) so that means we have spent £877.00 in three weks and the cars only done 21.000 miles! We checked when we got back our last Nissan X-Trail cost us £516.00 for 'BOTH' the 24.000 & 36.000 mile service at the local Nissan dealer and did not need replace the tyres until 41.000 mile, and never needed brake fluid changing or discs. We do not sit at home! our average mileage per year is near 14.000, plus the car has never done more than 46mpg even on long haul trips, thats not what it says on the tin! Sorry Toyota you are for the rich or the gullable, me thinks it's time to get rid of the car as at this rate we simply can not afford to keep it, or will go bankrupt! I assume all Avensis owners have the same problem! Mike
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