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  1. Dave, The seal recall was done 20/11/08. I dont think toyota would be up for doing them again FOC Hi Alan Thank you for your suggestions. I think in my origional post I established its oil buring, and the over filling was due to a rubbish dipstick set up, i know its burning oil as i can see it as smoke on start up. There was nothing when I bought it, I was told the by the seller the oil service had just been done at a local garage. So I didnt change the oil and filter for 10k I suspect this is when the damage was done to the seals as the pressure in the engine would have been high. Checking the glowplugs can be done in a safer way using an altimeter, positive to battery and touch the neg on the glowplug reading should be the same as the battery. (thats the way I was shown years ago) Im going to check the plugs if they are fine investigate the injector seals. Regards guys :) Jason
  2. Ah of course, I can check those with a multimeter can't I? Will give Toyota a call and see if that recall was done. Thank you :-D
  3. Hi Dave I guess the glow plugs could be a seal problem too? Fuel filter was probably changed 10k ago, it could do with a oil service really. Im not sure if its had a recall for the injector seals, i guess toyota would know if its been done. It did have a recall a couple of months ago it was a spring or something.
  4. Hi Im new here and would greatly appriciate some advice. As you can see ive a 2008 hilux 2.5 d4d. Im getting blue smoke on start up, first thing in the morning or if its stood for a couple of hours. When I first got it the engine oil was over filled, i only notices when doing an oil and filter change and also realising the dipstick is not brilliant. So im making a guess that the injector seals are leaking while shes sitting the oil is leaking into a cylinder then on start up its burnt off showing as the blueish smoke. Any help/advice would be greatly appriciated. Regards Jason
  5. Hi Quick question,, Will a 2010 tailgate (with lock) fit a 2008 Hilux (no lock) I had heard the buck is a slightly different size. Also if anyone has a 2005- on tailgate to fit a 2008 Hilux pref in silver could you let me know as im looking for one. I managed to find out the weight limit of the tailgate :( it snapped the bolt holding the steel wire onto the buck and made a mess when it bent around my bumber. Thankyou for your help.
  6. Thanks for the welcome mate :)
  7. I know if your new here you dont get any replys on here, but i thought i would give it ago, again! Can anyone recomend how to go about fitting a central locking lock for the tailgate of my hilux, similar to the 2010 model locks? Toyota dont do a kit for this,, i had thought of trying to get a used (breaking) 2010 hilux tailgate lock and try fitting that! But if there are any better ways of doing this some advice would be welcome Thankyou Jay
  8. jay053


    Not surprised! Many like to take a look at your post, but if it doesnt help them they are not interested! I had the same reaction with a Celica question! Ive now bought a Hilux aswell! But I dont have any idea how to un-subscribe, try clicking on your Avatar! Good luck JAY
  9. Hi guys, Ive just become a owner of a Toyota Hilux 2007 2.5 Manual HL3 in silver! I already have a Celica, I just needed something more pratical! Just have afew questions im sure you all will find easy to answer! 1) What are the first things I should do to it? 2) I need a secure Tonneau cover preferably a roller armadillo type! Ive heard armadillo have gone bust! Which is the best and most secure? 3) Can the front toyota badge/grill from the 2010 Hilux fit into the place of my current one? 4) Are there any decent power upgrade chips on the market? 5) How much would a toyota double din sat-nav cost me? Im thinking of getting after market! 6) Is there anything else I should know? Thanks for any answers, Even if you can only answer one, would be good to hear your opinion. JAY Some Photos
  10. Im going out in a min, will try your experiment! If you are worried about something being wrong and your warranty running out id just take it in, if they say not to worry say could you take a technician out in it to be sure! Also as you have pointed it out before your warranty expires you will have that to fall back on if your engine explodes due to your wining noise! Right im off to try it out! JAY
  11. Ive sorted it all out, not to worry about replying people as I see your all rushing at once! Doesnt anyone know anything on here or share advice?