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  1. Hi Sorry it is an 04 avensis estate, diesel
  2. Hi guys Im new to the forum and was wondering if anyone could help me find out what is wrong with my car. The engine managment light came on about a week after we purchased the car and we had it, I will list the problems the car has had. Stalling when changing up a gear and accerlerating. Stalling when we pull away at jucctions. Clicking twice before switching off. The above was happening for a while then last week the following happend: The car was reving full on its own which we had difficulty stopping. Smoke coming from the exhast some was white some was black. Now I will tell you what we have done. We took the car to a garage who said the problem was the injectors we had these tested and test came back ok. We then got told it was the fuel pump, we bought a fuel pump and changed it and the same thing was still happening. So I am assuming not the fuel pump, We then got a bit fed up as no one seems to know what the problem is, we where next told it was the turbo charger so I am now pricing replacment turbos and the today I have received the diagnostics from Hodgson toyota and there is no mention of the Turbo alls it says is the Injector number 4 and glow plug and now I am even more confused as we has the injectors tested before and they all showed up as fine. So far the we have spent £400 on moving the car around and peoples time but nothing has been fixed. If anyone has any idea at all I would really appreciate your help. Thanks Sheena