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  1. Happy Birthday Nath_c!

  2. Havent posted in a while, but thought this was a interesting one for you T-Sport owners to read... Bought the latest edition of Bonzai (japanese car tuning mag, for those who don't know) and was reading the most recent performance parts available. Anyway i found a small section for the yaris T-Sport, and JUN performance have released high lift cams with 9mm lift for £300! These have to be imported, but a company does it especially. The best part of all this is the fact they are direct bolt on, im very interested in these, so thought i would share it. What do you T-Sport owners think of this?????????????/
  3. Thanks alfiejts for your input, much appreciated! I will be making sure they have the correct windscreen the first time round then haha Thanks!!!
  4. I recently noticed a crack in my windscreen, started from underneath the rubber seal at the very top. Im thinking the cold weather may have caused this but unsure. The last couple of days its began to spread quite rapidly as im driving, so now i need a new windscreen. Any ideas were to try for a cheaper price? i live in yorkshire. Any rough ideas how much this ay cost me?
  5. HAHA yes ofcourse i have used the seat adjuster! Just doesnt feel as sporty as it could with the seats lower down. Albeit a city car it would in my opinion make a very fast one!!!
  6. Yaris T-Sport is surprisingly good on fuel. I havent had any real problems with mine, although the front drop link bushes are common to fail, this spoils ride and handeling. It is also a MOT failure. Their arent any polythane (whatever they are) substitute as of yet, but there were a petition on here a while back! All in all i would totally suggest you buy one, they are great fun!
  7. Thanks for input! I do like the seats and they are surprisingly supportive but not very sporty...will have to think whether its worth while, would deffo like a look at a pic of that lads though...
  8. Yes release bearing like said above. i also had/have the same problem on my T-sport yaris. I recently had clutch done and wanted release bearing fixing, but when the garage took it apart they said the gearbox had been stripped before. think mine may have been recalled with the faulty gerboxes! It also hadnt been put back together correctly, This caused a clunk when selecting reverse. I was also told that something was missing in the gearbox and had almost no oil in their!!! The sound is slowly coming back but it doesnt slip or anything. Its just frustrating when you want your car to be perfect :-) sorry for the ramble...
  9. Dont think anyone has covered this but i would like to change the front seats in my tsport yaris. This is only because the seats that are in are too high, not a fan of city seats!! I am 6ft 1 but have plenty of room this is no issue. I dont want anything boy racer like bucket seats from halfords, their terrible. I was more thinking along the line of the celica seats so they may atleast look like they belong in the car, or even some corolla seats (saw a taxi at my local garage, had all leather spec was absolutely gorgeous interior). Has anyone done this? is it fairly easy? dont want a massive job to be honest, plus their are airbags in the standard seats which would throw the airbag light up when removed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.... Many thanks
  10. thanks!! :) can you recommend anywhere online to order suitable sub/ amp/ speakers that ship to ireland?? Well depends on how much you are wanting to spend? If only a small amount maybe halfords? Or you could search on ebay for some better quality stuff, also online companies such as Just have a browse and see what your interested in.
  11. Not at all, only advantage is they dont let hot air in like cheap induction kits.
  12. TBH i think that is waaaay too expensive, i would have the stereo fitted by a proffessional because their are a few wires changes due to the built in head unit, but, i installed my sub and amp personally and speakers arent very hard at all.
  13. That coulld be something along the lines of a CV boot if its only when in lock, however i thought i would post this as a different area to look into. I appologise if someone has already posted this idea, but i have a 2001 P1 T-Sport. I started experiencing a knocking and a jolt when engaging into reverse, but not always only occasionaly. I assumed because my release bearing on the clutch had gone (apparent common fault) that this was one of the symptoms. However i was told by a trusted garage that this could well be a engine mount, which is why it only sometimes does this, and other times the engine is sitting properly, i was told another symptom of an engine mount failure is small "wobbling" or vibration when idling.
  14. yep! interested in them two as mine are perished!!!