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  1. Hi, I just read your comment on the Toyota iQ about the rear black bumper. I've installed the official part last week in black. if you still wanna know what it looks like..




  2. Hi Et42 offset will fit Dependent on where you are getting the wheels just get a trial wheel put on the vehicle first to see the look You can fit anything from et38 to 42 on the iq and at the back of the alloy wheel you just insert the "spigot" which is a plastic ring which enables centralisation of the wheel to the hub Another alloy wheel I would advise you to consider is the poison alloy wheels they look really good on iq
  3. I was advised by the garage to have them at this, as they are reinforced I was told they can take the extra pressure. Too be honest I've driven it in the few dry days we have had and have mainly driven it in the wet (thanks to our summer weather) and they have handled fine, for what it's worth I will experiment at less psi; see how it goes...
  4. Cripple would be a strong word, yes it's slightly changed more firm but nothing detrimental, the inovit Apis wheels are fairly lightweight, again easy to live with and clean :)
  5. Hmm maybe a 20-25mm drop wouldn't hurt... I am considering a black rear bumper spoiler, can't seem to find anything out there that looks good and in black??? Any suggestions?
  6. After looking for some much needed advice on if I should fit 18 inch wheel fitment for my IQ 1 I thought Id best just buy them and do it myself. (Inspired by gazoo racing kit) As you can see from the Pics they sit just fine on my 18 inch inovit rims. They are 18x 7.5 4x100 with a et38 offset. I have them on nankang tyres 215/35/18 as you can see there is plenty of room around the arches, it comfortably turns for a full circle cut on the steering, no touching/rubbing of tyres.I have not had the IQ lowered and neither shall I,as I feel there is no need with the 18 inch shoes. The tyres have
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