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  1. I've got a 57 diesel with no issues but any earlier is risky, safer with 08 onwards. But if petrol should be bombproof!!
  2. I have exact same model/year. No consolation to you, but although mentioned by a few on here, mine has never been anything but smooth on all gear changes. Therefore, don't accept it as "normal", something isn't right. Def go for the obvious gear oil change and make sure you use the correct "as recommended" type etc. Unless you've gone it yerself, you don't know that's in there for certain. See what happens after that.
  3. It's like Toyota insurance, it's underwritten by Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, but it's still regarded as a good product. My Volvo and LR insurance are both Royal Sun Alliance! Dave
  4. Go look, offer what your budget allows and walk away!Dave
  5. DjRav

    Tyre Weld

    Remember Toyota will repair a tyre FREE OF CHARGE if it is repairable!! That may depend on you using to correct tyre sealant though. I've had two punctures and used the Toyota "gunk" both times, easy and successfully. You can realistically do quite a few miles at normal speeds but don't push it! First one wasn't worth mucking about with as all the tyres were low so put 4 new tyres on. Second one was repaired by Toyota (including cleaning the gunk out), they charged me, then refunded once I discovered it was supposed to be free!! (On their website!) Dave
  6. Although high numbers is worrying, I'd be more concerned if a manufacturer had an unusually low recall rate! That would suggest they don't care or don't acknowledge issues. I see recalls as a positive. With recent RAV recalls (see--on topic and correct section!) I'm glad they found the problems and then dealt with them!! Dave
  7. Re the BMW- looks like the door opened before the thing stopped?! Re the Rav- can't see much damage!? Unlike this Honda; http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/Watch-a-Honda-Insight-crash-at-178mph-2013-11-20 Dave
  8. DjRav

    Front Wing

    Loads on eBay for £30-£40. Might even find the right colour! Thanks for NOT sharing what you did to your poor Rav to need a front wing! But the imagination might be worse! Dave
  9. Mines a virtual Guinness, cheers! Very noticeable how much more used the Rav forum is. Testament to the good relations between the core twenty something "main men". I went looking in the Landcruiser forum a while back (and just now too) as I'd dearly love to get one (dont worry, I'll keep the Rav!) and was interested in heat the chat was. What a ghost town! First page dates back a year and posts take days to get an answer if they're lucky. We're spoilt on here you know and anything that threatens that (eg winding the Ravers up by moving their posts!) should go hang its head in shame in a smal
  10. If you aren't doing the job yerself the Mr T price for front discs/pads isn't bad. Mine needed doing at just after 20k miles from brand new (not long after I bought the car) but 40k miles since then they're still fine!!?! Already done double the originals then. Must be down to the higher precision skilled driving it gets now (aka the wife) Dave NB just changed the rear pads myself. Easy job!
  11. I have a horse trailer I tow with a LR. With "LR insurance" the trailer is insured WHILST towing. I also have an NFU policy (attached to horse insurance policy) on the trailer for all other times. Stipulation is the trailer is wheel clamped to stop theiving. NB the LR insurance policy is open to all makes! It also covers the car whilst "off road" which most standard policies do not! Depends what yer looking for. Dave NB sorry for the swearing
  12. These are things that go on any car, it's just if you have a run of them together it seems worse than it is. Any well maintained Rav will keep "slogging on" indefinitely. Bought mine at three years old and had it for three years. Planning on keeping it another ten at least!! BTW RMS is "Route-Mean-Squared" roughly translated as "average". Usually applied to a sine wave, e.g. a value that goes up and down. Your "240" volt electricity at home is the RMS value. Sparky Dave
  13. Unfortunately the AA won't benefit much.Due to LR's legendary reliability, they are one of the only manufacturers with their own break down service "Land Rover Assist". Nice chaps, got to know them all quite well in my three year warranty period on my LR!! Dave
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