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  1. Some good deals on the C1, makes it quite tempting.
  2. Good idea - thanks again
  3. Thanks for that Mike. Looking at cars up to 4 yrs old, but newer if the price is right. She does like the Aygo, so will not discount it, but will check the areas where the water accumilates.
  4. Was looking to get the mrs a second hand Aygo, but if this is a common fault/problem may look elsewhere. Not good for Toyota if this has been going on for a few years.
  5. When was it last serviced? Could be in need of a bit of TLC
  6. May have to take it to either an auto electrician or a dealer for this one. If I use the key in the door all locks open, so there is an electrical fault on that circuit - I think
  7. grin factor

    Yaris 1.3 Sr

    Is the problem with revs dropping only when the engine is hot?
  8. grin factor

    Tyre Wear

    My pleasure, came across it a little while ago.
  9. grin factor

    Tyre Wear

    This is also a good site for tyre reviews.
  10. I would have thought they would have been made to be well balanced, or no-one would buy them. They are different, don't think I'd use them tho'
  11. I've seen this all before. The only way to find out about a car is to have a look and test drive yourself. These reports should be treated with the contempt they deserve. They have to write something to justify their jobs, and it seems as if they are like sheep, and follow the croud. Its quite sad really
  12. Hello Pete - a minor typing error, should read rails. A tad like a go kart.
  13. The age thing is a joke. We have 2 Yaris's in our family owned by my daughters, 24 & 25. Both are MK1's, a 52 & a 55 plate colour collection. The 55 plate is the better of the 2, getting 49 mpg and has a tad more power. The new Yaris is in my view "run of the mill" now. It has, as been said before lost its individuality. The centre dash set it apart too. I doubt very much it will become an addition to our family Journo's get paid to review cars, and have to say something to justify their pay slips, hence some of the rubbish we read. Forums are a much better place to get a balanced view if things. My own car is a MK7 Fiesta, 1.25, and does drive like its on frails. However, you have to be sensitive with the throttle pedal, as giving it too much does not, as you would expect accelerate quicker, but slugishly. It needs gentle pressure to make progress. All 3 Fiesta's I test drove were the same, could be due to emissions laws etc, but it is a big down side to the car. TBH, I prefer to drive the 55 plate 1.3, its engine seems more alive.