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  1. Happy Birthday Touch Tee!

  2. Thanks Stew, You are a star in the making
  3. is happy with his Rav4

  4. First and foremost I kinda feel honoured to be part of the family and therefore hi everyone Secondly I did not get a manual when I purchased my Rav4 (silly me) and have no clue when I press my the lock button on alarm key, the car indicicator lights flashes twice, if i press the same button again it flashes 3 times and If i press it once more then the indicators stay on for about a second. Now I know it maybe a silly question to ask but I was an avid BMW owner and now deflected to a better driving RAV4. Are the lights trying to tell me something? Are there different alarm levels? The key I have only have 2 buttons... Lock and Unlock Awaiting a response (if you think I have a valid question)
  5. Hi one and all Ive just registered after purchasing a 2001 VVT Rav4. Its a wonderful experience driving this motor vehicle and I hope this owners club will answer some of my questions I have throughout the time I keep it. Thanks for lending me your eyes Touch Tee