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  1. Happy Birthday nrgizerbunny!

  2. 2011 Toyota Yaris T Spirit Metallic Black For sale is my wife's Toyota Yaris T Spirit: 2011 61 Plate registered in September 20112 owners but it was bought as a pre-reg so we are the first real ownersT Spirit specification1.33 litre Petrol Engine, 101BHP, Stop start systemManual Transmission 6 speed5 Doors12,200 miles (might go up as it is in use daily)Metallic BlackFull Toyota Service History (serviced in September 2012 and September 2013)Warranty until September 2016Tax until September 2014 (£30 to tax)MOT not required until September 2014Here is a list of the fitted kit: Power Steering
  3. check the bulb and then check you've got power going to it. if not then it'll be a fuse 99% of the time
  4. @corollaD4D Running a smaller pulley equals more boost and consequently more power. The problem is you generate a bit more heat by doing that but in my case I have a very large intercooler so the heat gain is negligible. @scott Even if you bolt in the MR2 gearbox, you've got FWD and the same driveshafts. Stress always finds its way to the weakest point - either the driveshafts or major wheelspin.
  5. It is about as much as I dare go with the transmission and drive shafts. I think the limit of the driveshafts is about 310PS, I'm just reliant on the tyres slipping! LOL. I'm not going to mod the car any more for more power hence my last update.
  6. coat hanger through the door seal and open the door from the switch on the driver door.
  7. And for today's and probably the final update. 354PS for safer overtaking.
  8. You need the 255LPH fuel pump. Just be warned, a few people have tried to do the fuel pump mod and messed it up, broken regulators etc are not uncommon. so if you are going to do it be careful.
  9. LSD will not give me launch control or the ability to dial in more or less differential effect.
  10. And... the moment has finally arrived when 306PS is not enough. it didn't take too long! Hence I'm increasing the power. I have been busy tinkering and trying to figure out a way to get the power down. Low and behold an electronic differential (copied from a Subaru!)! not quite perfected it yet but it's a work in progress. The basic principle is as you hammer the throttle around a bend, it applies braking force to the front driven wheel if it senses slipping. This is not as easy as it sounds because brakes like to respond to digital signals and are essentially on/off - I need a sort of partial
  11. might be useful if you put a jack under the wheel which you are doing, otherwise you'll have a job compressing the spring to get the droplink back on as the anti roll bar will move - I know from experience!
  12. The bit that is of interest if you have a NA car is from the cam cover, the two rubber hoses that come out of there will be the same no matter if you have a NA or a Supercharger.
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