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  1. Gearbox whine??? - Excuse me, but what a load of b*ll*cks! The Auris HSD is almost silent. The electric motor makes a quiet, almost soothing sound as it gets going or as you slow to a stop, but it's a relaxing "hybrid-related" sound and it reminds you what a cool car you are driving. Honestly, I've had mine for over six months and I am 110% happy with it. I was one of the first people to get the Auris HSD in Norway and I felt quite special. After driving a 5 km trip yesterday and counting no fewer than 4 others on the road in that time, I realise I'm not so special anymore. - But I guess th
  2. Unfortunately, you are absolutely correct. Don't like breathing in all that carcinogenic diesel exhaust?? - Get used to it!!
  3. haha.... how awkward would this sound nowadays?! There are so many Prii out there, you'd be lucky NOT to see one (here in London anyway :P) I literally cannot drive more than about 1km from my house before I see a Prius. Toyota have done some serious business with those things around here.
  4. Whoo Hoo!! I just got home from a 398 km round trip from my home, west of Oslo, to a place in Norway called Gjøvik. Fine weather, 20C, some motorway, some suburban roads, some city driving and lots of hills. Here are my MFD results.(I even took a picture of the dials but I don't know how to upload it here.) Way there: Trip total distance: 162.1 km (100 miles as near as dammit) Average consumption: 3.7 l/100km (76.3 MPG for you UK boys) Total round trip, including detour into Oslo on way home: Total trip distance: 398 km (247 miles) Average consumption: 3.9 l/100km (72.4 MPG). I used Eco
  5. Maybe, but isn't the Aygo a tiny car with a small 1 litre, 70 HP engine or something? - That's hardly comparing like with like. I might as well say "my mountain bike does way better fuel economy than your Aygo..." (Daft comparison, but you get my drift).
  6. Whoo Hoo! My best tank yet!! 4.6 l/100km (61.5 MPG UK) calculated - 4.4 (64.2 MPG UK) MFD. Last fill up to to Low Fuel Warning - 763km. Filled up after 783km. Upon filling, I could only get 36 litres into the tank. - At 21.75 km per liter, I could have driven for another 195 km!!! I luuuurve my HSD!
  7. FourFourTwo

    Which One

    This is a question you can only really ask yourself. Personally, I would go for the auto parking/GPS version, but then I'm not a sun roof, wind-in-your-hair type of guy. Go with the one that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  8. Where I live in Norway, every second taxi is a Prius. TBH, I can't believe how many Priuseses there are on the road here, both taxis and normal cars. I'm starting to see quite a few Auris HSDs around now too, in fact a black one just moved in to our street.
  9. OK, I feel embarrassed asking this, but what do you guys mean by "deadlocked"? I have just spent a session with my Auris HSD (keyless smart entry system), manual in hand, trying to work out what it's all about. Pressing the black button twice did nothing special as far as I could tell, and the manual (it is in Norwegian so I admit I may be missing something) doesn't mention anything other than grabbing the handle (key fob in pocket) to open the car and pressing the black button once to lock it. There is no reference to any double pressing, extra locking or anything of that sort. Is there som
  10. A serious consumer programme on Norwegian TV recently raised the issue that diesel engines throw out particles which are more carcinogenic than cigarette smoke. The featured researcher who raised the alarm was not happy about his own findings as he drives a very expensive diesel himself.
  11. Fair enough. But I have to say that after having mine for 7 months, it just gets better and better. Anyway, good luck with selling yours and I hope you get what you are looking for from your next car.
  12. I was in England recently and hired a car to drive from Heathrow to Norwich and back and was given a Skoda Octavia diesel. - I hated it! Every time I stopped, it sounded and felt like I was sitting in a tractor or a London taxi. It was absolute bliss to come home to my near-silent Auris hybrid. Sorry, but no matter what the fuel economy, emission or whatever figures are, I will never buy a diesel.
  13. I think this would be a positive thing. This is a great forum with valuable info relevant to all Toyota hybrid drivers, not just the Prius. A more general title would help new Toyota hybrid converts, who may be considering options other than the Prius, to understand that this is a good place for them too.
  14. Hi Chris. As others have said, there is absolutely no problem with keeping the car in Eco mode all the time. This is what I do in my Auris HSD. The only time I ever change from Eco is to Power mode if I need sudden acceleration for overtaking or to climb a particularly nasty hill, of which there are quite a few in my area. Bear in mind though that the same amount of power is available to you also in Eco mode just by stepping harder on the pedal. One of the main reasons I use Eco, besides the fact that I am used to it and I feel it gives me finer control over the amount of fuel I am using, is t
  15. As I have mentioned here before, my Auris HSD cruising range seems to point to how many km of driving I have left before the "Low Fuel" warning comes on, not how many km I have until the tank is empty. I have watched it count down to 0, at which time the Low fuel warning appeared. When I filled up I could only get 36 litres in the tank and the tank holds 45 litres. I could have driven for another 150km or so.
  16. Well, I have electricity in my garage - which I happen to use every day, and the "yob factor" in Norway is quite low. There are also numerous charging stations already set up around shopping centres and so on. (Things like that help to make up for the high cost of living here). :) In any case, the Plug-in Prius isn't dependent on plug-in stations to work. When the battery runs out, it just reverts to the normal HSD system that we all know and love. What I do need to investigate, however, is whether the HSD system needs to be fully warmed up before the car will run on battery alone. If so, th
  17. Yeah, it does look good. However, I've got my eyes on the plug-in Prius when my lease on the Auris HSD runs out. ;)
  18. I have a five month old Auris HSD and my brakes squeal too, so it's not just the Prius. It only seems to happen when the car is cold but it is annoying.
  19. Good to hear that you liked the Auris HSD. FYI, mine is pearl white and it looks really great when it's clean. - It don't 'arf get dirty quick at this time of year though .
  20. Hi Steve, I've had my Auris HSD for about five months and I am really happy with it. Good luck with yours.
  21. I use Eco mode all the time except for a quick blast of PWR now and then when entering a motorway or intersection.
  22. As I understand it, the quoted mpg figures are based on a scientific benchmark by which all cars are compared. A figure of 74mpg in such a benchmark doesn't mean that you will necessarily achieve 74 mpg in the real world, but it does mean that in the same driving conditions, the car is capable of achieving better fuel economy than a car with a rating of say, 65 mpg, measured by the same benchmark. As I live in Norway with hills, hills and then more more hills, I will never get near 74 mpg, but I am happy knowing that I am still probably getting better FE than I would in anything else. :)
  23. And that is relevant to Toyota hybrid vehicles because.....? It is relevant in this discussion because somebody raised the issue of ethics regarding the leather used the Prius and mentioned a freind who was a vegan. Its all fairly clear if you read the thread and like ordinary conversations, sometimes other points not necessarily directly related to the main topic creep into a thread. On another thread you will find mention of Sky TV so.... Hi cbc. I HAD read the thread (Toyota options, heated mirrors, leather seats, vegans....). I apologise if my post caused any offence, that was absolut
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