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  1. Hi, My 03' Corolla averaging 24miles/gallon on the premium gas. Not much better than my sister's SUV. Three different mechanics all said it's running in a "super" condition. It had 21K miles on it. It’s pampered by Mobile 1 oil change every 3k, transmission oil change at 20k, Tire rotation/balance every 4K. Oh, I drive it in suburban of NYC (about 40miles/hours speed). On the Toyota official web, it should do 30 cities 40 highways. I am paying $207/gallon, this could add up in a long run. Any Corolla owner has the same problem? Or this is normal?
  2. iku

    Camry Stalling

    Had engine stalled on my 88 Camry also. This type of problem is very hard to pin point cuz it could be caused by a lot of factors. One thing I want to point out is, it was an electrical problems for my car. Short circuit or open circut could cuase the engine to shut off. Oh yeh, if you have an alarm system, have it check. Hope it helps.