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  1. hi, I tried the resistor trick and no dice so far, Lights came back on after 100 miles / few days.
  2. teamdirtydog


    did the flush on mine a few weeks back and it made a small difference but the metal clamps on the pipes literally took me hours to put back together! never taking it out again unless I replace the matrix! also thanks for the guide (my ECU bracket had already been cut!)
  3. Anyone got an old one for sale? If not do Toyota sell them i wonder?
  4. my other car is a smart and if use any at all its goodbye to the engine so ill make sure I check the rolla as often as I do the smart now. Im used to my old Surf, big diesel engine that has nice black oil in that leaks out more than anything else :P Used to change that every 5000kms. What oil you guys use? I have been using the cheap Toyota stuff which I think is semi-synth. My mech has put in fully synth 5w30 in - hope thats ok.
  5. cheers guys, Flywheel was taken off this time and checked over - all ok! So out came the second Exeddy clutch and he put in an original Toyota one, problem sorted! New Toyota clutch drives perfect. No oil leaks/staining so I guess the engine is burning a bit of oil which I hadnt expected so ill be keeping a damn close eye on it now. I cannot believe I let it get that low but I sort of expected some kind of warning also. My mates VW's have always used a lot of oil but the warning lights worked on them :) Are these engines known to drink a bit when they get older? Mines on 107k.
  6. Hi Mark, There are a couple - try Towequippe but make sure they check it doesnt say 'not for T-Sport/D4D'. They have a fitting instructions site too which is good. I wanted a flange type (needs cut i think) originally for a bike rack, I think they said Brink made one. Let me know if you source a good one!
  7. hi, Price please for the rubbers that sit in the roof (only need pass side really). Also need the footrest next to the clutch pedal? Thanks
  8. HI all, Bit of a funny one... T-sport with 106k went in for a new clutch a couple of weeks back. New clutch judders when engaging (through the car not the pedal) so went back yesterday for another new one. Mechanic has called me today and says the new clutch (both Exeddy) is exactly the same! Any ideas if its a bad batch of clutches or a problem with the flywheel? Surely if its a flywheel problem it wouldnt just present itself now? Also asked him to look at a funny noise on idle, he says he needed to put in 3 litres of oil to top it up!!! I would have thought the oil light would have come on if it was low!??? Cheers
  9. Hi all, Since we got the T-Sport it hasnt had a clutch rest plate - just the little stump where I guess it clips on. Any ideas where to get one? Cheers
  10. mine does this too - is it a sort of metal squeak?
  11. thanks a bundle for the pics - just got myself one of these off eBay pretty cheap and didnt manage to get it fitted tonight following the instructions and my own tests. I was going to fit the longer arms next as you have done but ill just copy your setup. thanks again
  12. Mines a 53 plate bought in Sept with 94k, now at 102k lovely jubley. Red lines fine!
  13. Me too, did London to phwelli for last week and really enjoyed the drive! Not enough torque so quite noisy along the twisty b roads but good fun!
  14. I don't notice it as much as the Surf - just filled up £75 of diesel and that will only last 300kms (admittedly my speedo is slightly out). Haven't reset the T-sport average mpg for about 3 months and its been going up lately to 33mpg! I drive it hard and the wife isnt great on fuel but I take it easy ish on the motorway so Im pretty pleased. New tyres and full service have helped I think!