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  1. Thanks for your help and advice folks, those silicone wipers sound interesting, i've always wondered why most manufactures keep using rubber when silicone is better. Although if silicone leaves a film on the screen does it affect the clarity of the screen at night - i.e look blurry or smeary when viewing oncoming headlights?
  2. Hi, Do any Yaris (MK2) owners know of any good windscreen wipers that are not noisy or leave streaks or smears? I purchased Bosch Super Plus+ blades last year and have found them to be rubbish, even when they were one month old! I want to purchase something better this year, perhaps the flat blades that are said to fit the curve of the windscreen better than the standard type. Cheers folks
  3. Hi, I haven't seen the new Yaris at the dealer yet but I have examined many of the detailed photo's of it on car websites and my honest opinion of it so far is that Toyota have ruined it, this is because the centrally located digital dashboard has been moved back behind the wheel which is old fashioned and not as easy to see. The centrally located digital dash on my yaris is fantasic and was one of the "cool" features that helped me decide to purchase a Yaris. The new Yaris just looks like any over small car design now and a new Yaris probably will not be my next purchase as there are so many other similar cars to choose from. I do like the reversing camera though, an idea nicked from the Nissan Primera ;)
  4. Thanks for your opinion, but NOT every Yaris owner wants to or has the facilities to climb under their cars to fit an exhaust themselves, especially when it involves cutting bits off and welding!!! Also, why should Yaris owners have to do such a thing when all other brands of car have the correct parts (seperate CAT, Front, Middle & Rear sections) widely available? As for an exhaust rusting in 3-7 years....it may be the case on some Yaris's, but I had a new quality exhaust rust away in 2 years on my Citroen Xsara....so it depends on the weather and how much salt they chuck on the roads I suppose!
  5. Hi, As the exhaust on my 2007 1.3 Yaris looked a bit rusty I thought I would gather a few quotes for a new exhaust...take a seat and prepare to be shocked!!!!!!!!!!! These are the latest prices from my Toyota dealer to supply and fit the following exhaust parts: REAR Section (Tail pipe) - £227.70 MIDDLE Section (With unremovable CAT) - £705.71 As Toyota have stupidly designed the Yaris exhaust with an unremovable CAT (unlike any other cars I've had) a new Yaris exhaust will cost you nearly £1,000....and considering the exhaust is constantly bombarded with water and salt from the inside and out all we Yaris owners could be forking out that price every 2-3 years, which I find absolutely shocking. I have NEVER had to pay such a price (10% of new Yaris price) for an exhaust pipe on any of the cars I've had previously from Ford, Citroen, Rover or Vauxhall. If you are thinking of buying a Yaris or any other Toyota....DON'T!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi, My 2007 Toyota Yaris 1.3 Zinc is due for an MOT soon and looking at the rust on the existing exhaust I think a new one will be required. I sent an email to my Toyota dealer to ask how much they charge to fit a "complete exhaust without the CAT" and they said it isn't really possible to fit a complete exhaust without the CAT, so does this mean the exhaust on my Yaris is a single piece? Exhausts I've purchased for other cars in the past are normally 3-4 sections : FRONT, MIDDLE, CAT, and REAR. Cheers folks!
  7. Hi, I have a 2007 Yaris and keep finding a wet patch below the Fuel Cap Release Button (next to the drivers seat) which I think is rain water getting in via the cable entry. Having looked under the car I cannot see the cable or any holes so does anyone know where the water could be comming in? I'm a bit worried that the floor may eventually rust if not sorted! Cheers. PS..I have attached a pic!
  8. Hi, I purchased a pair of Bosch Pure Light H4 Headlight Bulbs for my Toyota Yaris as Which? Magazine rated the H7 version of these bulbs a BEST BUY and stated they were the brightest bulbs on the market. After fitting the bulbs I can confirm they are NO brighter than the 3 year old bulbs I removed!!! If you want some bright bulbs for your Yaris then the Bosch Pure Light bulbs should be avoided. I now wish I purchased the Philips Ultra bulbs (or better) instead.
  9. Make sure you ALWAYS push the clutch down to the floor when starting! For some strange reason Toyota has stopped the Yaris from starting unless the clutch is fully down, this caught me out frequently when I first got my Yaris and some other helpful chaps on here pointed out a possible cause...which was correct!
  10. I have had the same brake grinding noise from my 2007 1.3 Yaris Zinc since I bought it used about 6 months ago, the loud grinding noise is heard when pulling up at junctions doing 1-10 mph....not at high speed braking. As the pads were nearly new (10mm of friction material) I assumed there must be a fault so I booked my Yaris into a Toyota dealer for a diagnostic - costing £49 for half-hour. The engineer said the grinding noise was NORMAL for a Yaris which was shocking and I certainly don't believe him as nobody would ever buy a new Yaris which sounded like that when braking!!! This may sound strange but I have also found the braking force changes occasionally on the Yaris, sometimes the car stops quite sharply and sometimes you really have to stamp on the pedals to get it to stop...which may be an EBD or EBA fault. If you ever find the true cause to the brake grinding noise I would be pleased to hear it....as the engineer at my Toyota dealer seems as thick as 2 short planks!!! Cheers.
  11. Hi folks, I have owned my 2007 "23,000 mile" Yaris 1.3 Zinc (petrol) for about 6 weeks now and in that time I have experience several starting problems where the engine will not turn over or start when the ingnition key is turned, all I get is the the dashboard light-up. This happened again today after filling up with petrol at my local garage, I got back in my car turned the key and it was completely dead....with several other cars queing behind me...VERY annoying and embarrassing it was! As I was totally stuck I removed and re-inserted the ingnition key several times, pressed all its lock/unlock buttons, opened my drivers door, and then tried starting again....suddenly it STARTED!!! Has anyone else experienced such a problem? Thanks
  12. Hello, A Toyota engineer has stated that my Yaris 1.3 Zinc has an Air-Conditioning leak, but cannot tell me where it is without me paying a further £88 for more checks, which seems a bit strange as he must have seen the leak to tell me there is one!!! Has anyone else got a 1.3 Yaris Zinc (06-Onwards) that has had an Air-Conditioning leak? if so, where was the leak? Thanks for your help
  13. The tyres on my Yaris are Yokohama but I'm pretty sure the motorway noise is due to the engine racing. I had a Citroen Xsara 1.4 LX before and that was much quieter and smoother on the motorways at 70-80mph but it struggled up hills unlike my Yaris so I think the Xsara is geared for speed and the Yaris is geared for town driving.
  14. Thanks for that info, it was very helpful!!! I've since found a few other things wrong with my Yaris that you might know about, these are: 1) Pinking noise (like a tin can full of bolts!) from the engine when I accelerate when the engine is cold. 2) A high pitch but fairly quiet whistle noise (like a dog whistle!) when I accelerate when the engine is hot or cold, it sounds like a pressure release valve or something. Cheers
  15. Hi, Question 1 When I drive my Yaris 1.3 VVTi Zinc (2007) on the motorway at 70mph in 5th gear I've noticed the engine is doing 3200rpm which seems very high, the engine is also VERY loud for 70mph and it sounds like it needs to change up to another gear....does anyone else find this with their 2007 1.3 Yaris Zinc? This car is supposed to be refined and quiet on motorways but mine certainly isn't! Question 2 My "used car" dealer supplied me a box containing a splined locking wheel nut socket and 4 spare "domed top" wheel nuts, for some reason all the other wheel nuts on the car/wheels are "flat top" (not domed) which makes me wonder why they have all been changed? Does anyone have any ideas or know exactly what shape wheel nuts the 2007 1.3 Yaris Zinc should have? Question 3 I have tried to store the CENTRE rear passenger seatbelt clips in the plastic storage compartment located on the ceiling but have found that the storage compartment is too small which results in it breaking away from the ceiling, has anyone had the same problem with this? Question 4 The drivers seat does not slide forward to allow rear passenger access, is this normal? Question 5 Does the 2007 1.3 Yaris Zinc have any wiring in the brake pads/shoes that warn you when they are worn down? My old 1983 Ford Escort had this feature but it doesn't seem to be on modern cars....so much for new stuff!! Question 6 When driving in a straight line the steering wheel (and badge) is not level, does anyone know how this can be corrected as its very annoying? Thanks for your help
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