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  1. hi achico sorry,but being vat registered is a must,along with using genuine parts,and carrying out sevice to toyota must have receipts etc to prove this. Well, I`ve done my own servicing in the past and used Toyota genuine parts; never interfered with two warranty claims I made.
  2. I assume you have checked all hoses and their connections? make sure the drain tap on the radiator is not leaking...I nipped mine up recently. No sign of wetness under bonnet at all...particularly in area of water pump? Check that nothing is leaking from heater inside of the car...wet mats? Check for signs of leaking around thermostat housing and check any pipes taking hot water to the inlet manifold. If nothing apparent, then either take it to a Toyota or Jap Car specialist or failing that to your dealer. By the way, You say no sign on the cap? I take it you mean oil filler cap? have you checked your oil level as well? Brian
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  4. Hi, I`ve run a Carina to over 200,000 miles and present 2.0SR avensis to over 150,000 miles. I`m firm believer in changing the tensioners as well as the belt.Someone replied saying that they did'nt think the valves would suffer damage if the belt breaks; they mentioned the Camry which they say had the same engine. My memory tells me that the original Camry would not suffer damage in such an event but I'm not sure the next series of Camry had the same engine...I might be wrong. Anyway, don't take the risk of skimping on the tensioners, its just not worth the potential problems, even if the valves don't bend!
  5. Hi, and thanks for your reply. I have heard of that sort of thing, however it can be dry hot weather or wet; makes no difference. No sign of water ingress under the bonnet at all and leads are definitely not touching any metal. I`ve narrowed it down to two leads that both connect to the same coil pack so I'm suspecting it will be the coil pack, although i don't think its a common fault with Toyota. I'll post information when its sorted out (hopefully)for the benefit of other owners who might experience the same thing.
  6. hi im also a new member today i had this problem with a ford focus the water was coming through windscreen washer jets on bonnet when it rained or car was washed and water was going onto leads it sounds like water ingress maybe u could try ignition sealer [spray] on leads and see if that helps also make sure leads not lying against metal
  7. Hello all, I`m a new member, just joined today but I have been around Toyota since 1982. Problem with a treasured family Toyota that I currently care for, hoping you can help. Avensis 2.0 petrol, not VVTi,1999reg. Last year it started to misfire at low rpm, around 1100, then also at just under 2000rpm. Changed plugs and all was well for three weeks.Toyota dealer recommended Toyota plugs so I changed them and all was well for about two months. A friend sprayed the leads with WD40 and hey presto, the problem disappeared for about three months. Decided problem must lie with the plug leads so changed them and all seemed well for around 18000 miles. I realised plugs were due for change so got new Toyota plugs, guess what...all was well for 3 weeks! I've tried the WD40 again on individual leads and it seems to be on number 1 and number 4 leads, both connect to same coil pack. Is it the coil pack and would that effect the leads as well as the plugs? and would also love to know why applications of WD40 alleviagte the problem for a while.