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  1. When Toyota announced earlier in the year, that some of their cars may be subject to a recall. I put my 2010 Yaris' reg number into their search engine and it showed mine was ok. Well they must have had a rethink because today I got 'Important Recall Info' letter. Nothing for me to do now, as Toyota will contact me again, once the programme is set up. Here's the chapter and verse "It has come to our attention that on some Yaris vehicles there is a risk that, due to certain inconsistently lubricated drivers windows switches, debris from the electrical contacts can accumulate causing a short circuit with the potential for the switch to overheat". Hmm sounds a bit laid back and low-pressure but wasn't it minor electrical fires that caused the demise of the Canyonero :)
  2. Ah, thanks Wayne and Mrpj, I think I'll take a punt with the Aldi XS. I'm still a bit puzzled why the online pdf instruction manual, suggests you connect the charger's neg croc clip to the chassis, rather than the neg post on the battery.
  3. Hello. On retirement 5 years ago, wife and I decided to buy a new Yaris. Mileage is fairly low now, so we're hoping this car will 'See us out' :) I'm also looking at a charger that will maintain a spare 85Ah battery, I use for other stuff. Searching the net, I came across an Auto Express article which recommends :- CTEK MXS 3.6 at £50 CTEK MXS 5.0 at £60 Streetwize at £30 Newsgroup uk.d-I-y are talking about the Aldi XS charger, due out this Thursday at £13.99. A quick google at the pdf user instructions, shows that it can be permanently charged and (I guess) the technology is very similar to the above, more expensive models. Since retirement money is a bit tight, so the Aldi job looks attractive. I'm aware that charging a FLAT battery in situ is not a good idea. However, for maintenance purposes ... Q1. Does anyone charge their battery in situ? in their garage. Q.2. If 'yes' where's a good spot on the body to attach (-) neg crocodile clip? Thanks in anticipation. Paul
  4. Parts-King, I tried to get your link to work this morning and failed. It may of course be a glitch with my computer, cookies etc. Paul
  5. On this page you can enter your reg number and get a yes or no:- Phew Mods shorter link if poss Paul
  6. It's always find it a pain to adjust the settings on the satnav, with the windscreen mount supplied. As the cabin noise increases with speed, there's the need to tweak the volume and it's a real stretch to reach the Yaris screen, which seems a million miles away. With 2 eyes on the road it's easy to end up in the wrong menu. If only TT would replace the touch sensitive monitor, with some sensible retro switches in chrome The solution for me, has been one of these mult-fit air vent holders. My link I ordered it a week ago from HK and it arrived this morning. It's cheap, it's lightweight and it's plastic, but it does the job. It fits the vent, it's not as firm as the supplied screen mounted, but it brings the beast a metre closer.I took it fast over a few bumps and it was fine. Now the TT unit is fairly heavy, so the only question is 'will it weaken the Yaris vent?' Also it's worth mentioning that although you can deflect air left and right, you cannot deflect up and down. But heck at £2.18p (incl P+p) I think it's well worth a punt. Paul
  7. Lidl & Large I'm very pleased with the Kent microfibre towel. At nearly 5 sq ft it absorbs a lot of water. Take a look at this baby at 3 sq meters!! for only £7. You could cut it into 4 and they should last a lifetime My nearest Lidl is 30 miles away, will be in the area Wednesday - hope they're not sold out :censor:
  8. An encouraging 3 page report from
  9. With both seat and steering wheel adjustment, the dials shouldn't be too obscure.
  10. When I bought my new Yaris last month, I gently asked "why on earth is the display mounted between passenger and driver?" The salesman replied "Oh, I love it there" - nice save not. So placing the rev counter/speedo in front of the driver, is both a step back and a step forward
  11. Thanks JW, lots of elbow grease required and you only get about 3 sessions from the TW Black Box. Perhaps I'll do one more polish this Autumn and save the rest till Spring. Apart from the weather, one of the main things that spoils the shine, is the amount of dust that swirls round the garage. The garage is a bit ancient and the corrugated iron is rusting. Won't be able to afford a new garage till 2011/12. The garages made from concrete panels seem a good bet. Meanwhile I've bought one of those dust covers for £50. It arrived yesterday, it's got a breathable polyprop outer layer and a cotton inner. At that price there has to be a catch. Well it's lighweight and wafer thin, but if I can get 3 years use out of it, I'll be a happy bunny.
  12. Shamus you would be wise to contact your local trading standards or citizens advice - they will be able to advise you on the legal position and which steps you need to take That would have been sound advice 3 years ago when he posted. By now Shamus is prolly on his 3rd BMW.
  13. ... well not exactly arrived, it required a 300 mile drive to pick up the new baby from the dealer in St.Ives Cambs. We found the Toyota dealer thru '' and got £2K off list, so it was well worth the 5 hour trip, plus they were happy to take the old car off me in pt. ex. No real complaints about the old corsa auto, but after 93K miles, it was was starting to burn oil and the seats were becoming uncomfortable - ooh me poor back!! My wife has an auto licence and the big plus with the Yaris is the good fuel figures with the multmode transmission versus the old corsa, which is a bit thirsty. The trip back was a joy, new comfy seats and the power steering a real pleasure and pop into auto in heavy slow traffic. Only 2 puzzles, the Yaris is 4" narrower than the corsa, yet seems to be loads roomier - howzzat?? The other mystery - why did Toyota put the instrument cluster in the middle of the dash?? Anyhoo here's a pic (after an encounter with Turtlewax Black Box).
  14. PapaEcho

    Yaris Questions

    Hi Mrpj I've only been driving my M/M for 2 weeks, but find it's great swapping from auto to manual - jumping from lounge lizard to boy racer :D Yes I can confirm that the display dims when you switch to side/head lights. Yes you can change to 6th gear by swapping to manual mode. Also it's a good idea to switch to manual if auto is a bit 'twitchy' at low speeds. This twitchiness mostly happens in slow traffic or on roundabouts. Paul Edit : Remember it's a new engine and low revs in 6th overlong, should be avoided? The destruction manual suggests 1000 mile run-in period. Thoughts anyone?
  15. Update : Surprisingly, the showroom shine was pretty good, but 2 weeks and a 1000 miles later, I decided to give my new car a complete wash and wax. For no particular reason, my newly purchased kit comprised : 2 wash mitts (one for shampooing and the other for rinsing), a bottle of Sonax Gloss shampoo, an extra large Kent microfibre towel and the Turtlewax Black Box. The Box comprises - paint cleaner, detailer spray and black tinted carauba wax. It took about 2 hours, I think the result is pretty good, but my wife thinks my neighbours' 20 year old, black MR2, has a deeper shine. My neighbour believes that paint was probably hand-buffed between coats, whereas nowadays, it's total robot application. Anyhoo here's a slide show of the new baby- Paul