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  1. where is the cheapest place to get a new key(with buttons)?been quoted £140-180
  2. hi,i have an X reg avensis estate and my stereo/cd keeps going, off if i bang it it comes back on sometimes,i have had it checked and been told there is no problem with connections,and advised that it`s probably cd player or stereo thats at fault.my question is, the stereo/cd comes as a complete console ie:- heater controls,hazard light,alarm light etc.and was wondering what years of avensis had these consoles and can anyone see any problems just swapping said console? thank you.stav
  3. alanstav


    nice one,it didn`t go off.but thanks anyway
  4. alanstav


    i have bought an x reg vvti estate,and the door/ignition key has lost both buttons,presumably the central locking and alarm?when i lock the car with said key, is the alarm/immobiliser on or not? no lights flash or horn sound, if it was working which of these would happen? lastly where/how is the cheapest way of getting a working key?thank you.
  5. alanstav


    coil change/new plugs/oil top-up £140 is this a reasonable charge?X reg avensis 1.8 vvti
  6. alanstav


    hi.i have an Xreg avensis 1.8vvti and the engine has just started misfiring/sluggish acceleration?it feels like when you used to have a spark plug/points fault on older cars,or could it be an injector problem?are these possibilities.
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