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  1. i will be going with my dad (he has a mk3 mr2) and girlfriend on the sunday, as its my birthday. wondering if anyone will be coming our way, we are leaving from luton.
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. I ended up taking it to a mechanic and the water pump needs replacing, so getting that and the cambelt done at the same time. will be selling the engine beginning of 2011 to make way for a v6, but will sell better with new cambelt change. anyone going to the jap show next weekend? im going with my dad and girlfriend (dad has a mk3 roadster) travelling from luton if anyone is coming this way?
  3. ****UPDATE**** I found a post giving step by step instructionson bleeding the system, so have just done that. have checked the pipes and they are all hot, however engine is still overheating. The hose that runs from where you fill the coolant..not sure what the bit is called that the hose goes to..but it is on a plastic bracket with a metal top..basically that is steaming like mad..so not sure if the coolant is trapped there somehow? im completely clueless.sorry for the vague discription but hopefully one of you mr2 gurus on here will be able to help!
  4. ah right.sorry but no i dont have a photo..digital camera packed in the other day. however it has stopped making the noise now..so im going to see how it goes. my car is overheating like mad because coolent isnt leaving the tank where i fill it up..maybe an air lock? thinking of bleeding the system...could anyone tell me the correct way to bleed? It is an import if that makes any difference.thanks!
  5. Recently bought a 1991 mr2 import. there is a strange buzzing sound, coming from the fuel pump? (black plastic cylinder) when ignition is off. it does it randomly and also if i tap it. i have only had the car a week and was looking forward to taking it out on a good drive as weather is great this morning! Any help or advice would be much appreciated
  6. Hi people, ive just bought an mr2 import t-bar, red. Planning on lots of modding, woodsport V6 conversion and maybe supercharger futher down the line.every time i get into it..i dont want to get out! ive never driven a car that corners so well! What i want to know is who's in my area. I live in luton and there doesnt seem to be any clubs/meets purely for mr2's. I would be happy to organise events, meets and drives. However I would need to know there is enough of an interest to make it worth doing! so come on, anyone near luton/dunstable/bedford/st albans/stevenage/hatfield/letchworth etc give me a shout! My dad has a mk3 roadster so there are 2 of us so far..would be nice to get that figure to 10 cars at least.
  7. Hi, new to the forum. I've recently bought a 1991 mr2 t-bar, planning of lots of modding and plans for the engine..are there any mr2 enthusiasts in the luton area? i cant seem to find any clubs or meets anywhere near here! nearest one was coventry I own a mk2 mr2 and my dad has the mk3 roadster. would be great to get a club together locally for drives/meets etc
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