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  1. Thanks, that's really helpful - thinking about investing in folding bikes but was uncertain about how I could take them with me on trips.
  2. Love to see a photo of the bikes and all the gear in your Aygo. Which bike do you go for?
  3. My Aygo (and my C1 before it) has almost only had a diet of (now E10) supermarket fuel, on a few occasions I've filled with E5 branded super unleaded and noticed no difference at all.
  4. If you want the new key to start the car then you will also need the tiny immobiliser chip in the key and for someone to program the car to match it.
  5. And be aware that off the highways there may still be signs showing 90km/h, but the limit has been reduced to 80km/h.
  6. The cat on the Aygo is close to the engine under the bonnet not under the car, so its location makes it much harder to steal as the thief needs to open the bonnet not just crawl under the car.
  7. Same here with both the Alpine radio I fitted to my previous C1, and also my previous Skoda Octavia - both had an option to switch to FM when there was no DAB (assuming the station being listened to was on FM also!).
  8. Is it just a tracking device? Some are also an additional immobiliser for insurance companies 'peace of mind'. Check how many connections there are to it - a tracking only device will likely only have 2 or 3 (power, ground and possibly switched power).
  9. Neither are "wear & tear" items so should be covered.
  10. A 2019 Aygo bought in the UK will still be covered by the Toyota UK 5 year warranty so the repair will be covered by the warranty.
  11. Look for something like this in the fuse box under the bonnet 120A flat strip fuse
  12. Having owned several cars with full leather seats I have to disagree, on a cold winter day (well below freezing) an extra jumper doesn't help when you are sitting on a really cold leather seat, a cold bum can be really distracting! Part leather seats, where you sit on alcantara, don't suffer the same problem.
  13. As I understand it both CarPlay and Android Auto make an initial Bluetooth connection to the car, then if no car WiFi connection is available then all subsequent data transfer (e.g. Google maps or Apple maps) uses the USB connection, but if a wireless connection is available then a WiFi connection is used. For cars without wireless CarPlay & Android Auto there are some adapters available, including or wireless CarPlay https://cplay2air.com/ and for wireless Android Auto https://carsifi.com/ (others may be available).
  14. Wireless Android Auto and Wireless CarPlay are not standard features on many cars, hence the need to use a USB cable.
  15. Car manufacturers are required by law to calibrate their speedos so that they never under-read but can over-read by up to 10%, because of this they usually tend to calibrate them to over-read by around 5%. So they certainly cannot be considered accurate because of this legal requirement. I agree with the comments that GPS devices are slow in responding and lag behind, I certainly experience this with my Road Angel speed camera monitor. I have an OBD connected device similar to a Scan Gauge, but smaller as I felt the Scan Gauge was too large and ugly, purchased from AliExpress. As expected comparing this with the GPS speed, when driving at a steady speed to eliminate lag problems, it was 5% over-reading - but since it has a calibration feature I've been able to make it read accurately and without the GPS lag.
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