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  1. Can confirm that, just had to replace the air con switch on my 2008 C1 for the same reason.
  2. Only if the headlights aren't properly aimed.
  3. I said it would be a personal opinion thing
  4. For me, and it's a personal taste thing so I know others will disagree, I absolutely hate the X on the front of many of the newer Toyotas. It's a look that I think will age quickly, so I certainly wouldn't even think about adding the X to a Mark 1 - which for me is a more timeless and stylish design thatn the Mark 2.
  5. While looking into the IQ rear discs I noticed that the 1NR-FE engine versions of the IQ use the EE63 gearbox, anyone know if this will fit the 1KR-FE engine to replace the standard EE53 gearbox? Why do I ask? Because I can use 5th down below 30mph in town and the Aygo/107/C1 always feels under-geared to me especially on the motorways, so the extra (higher) 6th gear would be really useful IMHO (the other 5 ratios and reverse are the same).
  6. That link mostly discussed the situation where no power upgrade is planned as per this comment - "rear discs would not cause locking due to ABS but unless you increased the cars performance, there would be no point in it as the drums are easily up to the job in hand". However, there was a suggestion to look at the rear axle from an IQ which I'll have to follow-up.
  7. Seen that some people are saying it's possible to fit the rear discs from the Yaris onto the Mk 1 Aygo. Why am I looking? I plan to have the TTS supercharger conversion done, and want to uprate the brakes first. I've already done the fronts with Nitrac drilled & groooved discs plus EBC Greenstuff pads - now I'd like to get the rear brakes sorted too. I was thinking of talking to ToyodaTech near WIckham, but they gone bankrupt due to falling trade. Any alternative suggestion for a Toyota specialist tuner near Southampton welcomed.