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  1. Due to lockdown I haven't been out in the dark since I got my 2020 Aygo at the end of October 2020, so interested in other owners comments too.
  2. If the tensioner is in good condition and hasn't reached the end of it's travel...
  3. Timing that far advanced is certainly a real possibility as a cause of pre-ignition. Chain stretch could certainly be a cause IMHO.
  4. When I part ex'd my C1 in October it was over 12 years old and the only thing other than normal servicing (and curing water leaks!) it had needed was a new clutch back in 2012.
  5. And the latest Aygos have 0W-16 oil Engine oil: What oil for my Toyota?
  6. Temporarily take it off to see if the noise is from water pump or alternator (or aircon compressor) 😊
  7. The belt you can see is the auxiliary belt that drives the water pump, alternator (and aircon compressor if you have aircon) and has nothing to do with valve timing. The timing chain is not visible without removing covers.
  8. 55k miles - much of it on rough rural roads in Hampshire and Devon, very little A road or motorway so quite hard on the suspension.
  9. I had my previous 2008 C1 for 10 years until part ex it in 2020 for my Aygo, was still on original front & rear shocks.
  10. Not true, there is a retrofit kit available see Toyota Aygo 2014-Present X-Nav
  11. I love CarPlay in my 2020 Aygo except for one thing - where I live mobile coverage is patchy so often Apple Maps will show a screen of grey rectangles on a white background instead of a map. Plus I'm planning to do the NC500 road trip round the 'top' of Scotland (when Covid allows) and expect mobile coverage to be patchy at best there. Google maps would solve this IF I have downloaded a sufficiently large map area, but that's not always going to be the case. My previous cars have had the maps stored locally (DVD or SD card) on both the OEM and aftermarket sat navs and it would be nic
  12. I think Wiz201 and I both thought you meant they were the same in the Mk1 & Mk2.
  13. Yet most people who have done the swap say the Mk2 seats are more comfortable - just wear and tear flattening the cushions? The seats in my 2020 Aygo are definitely more comfortable and supportive than those in my 2008 C1 Code were - both part leather.
  14. Several people have put the seats from a Mk2 into a Mk1.
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