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  1. If the wheels are being turned in a different direction then that suggests the power steering assistance is misbehaving, so I would suggest fitting a new module.
  2. The online manual says that the auto lights sensitivity on the Aygo x-clusiv can be adjusted by a Toyota dealer up or down in 2 steps (-2 to +2). Mine come on earlier than I would like, and earlier than my previous non-Aygo cars with auto lights, so when I had the first service done yesterday I asked the dealer to adjust them to come on later and showed them the page in the manual. When I collected the car I was told that although it said the sensitivity can be adjusted in the manual they can't - and the manual is 'generic' to many models (not true it's an Aygo manual). Has anyone else with auto lights on their Aygo had the sensitivity adjusted by a dealer (or independent)?
  3. The solenoid is to engage the starter Bendix gear onto the flywheel (so ALL cars have one whether they have a pre-engaged starter or not), the important question is "Is that solenoid disabled when the engine is running?" - and from your reply that there is a horrible noise for a second it IMHO confirms that the Aygo does NOT have a system to prevent the starter engaging when the engine is running (I can't test it as my Aygo has keyless start/stop).
  4. If you turn the key to the start position when the engine is running then IF you hear a horrible grating noise the starter motor has tried to engage in the already turning flywheel, BUT if you DON'T hear a horrible grating noise then the starter motor is inhibited by the electronics so no damage can happen. OP - can you remember if there was a horrible noise when you turned the key to the start position with the engine running?
  5. Please explain EXACTLY what happens from the moment you turn the key to start the engine: - does the starter motor turn? - does the engine start? - if it does when does the engine stop?
  6. I learnt to drive in 1975 because, as I said in my post, the cost and time of getting to work by public transport made it impossible and unaffordable. Not having to be in close proximity with other people wasn't a factor then (as it is now post-COVID). Taking public transport to any of my jobs in the intervening 45 years was not an option for the same reasons - time and cost. Unless you live in a major conurbation public transport simply isn't financially viable, and if you do live in a major conurbation the concerns of cross infection have now become a major factor. Personally I don't see public transport ever featuring high in my choices, especially now I have retired.
  7. Earlier articles have suggested that a hybrid top-of-the-range version will be introduced later.
  8. And it's been that way for many years. Back in 2005 I lived on the eastern side of Southampton and worked on the western side, commuting by public transport would have required 2 buses, taken 90 minutes and cost £5 each way -a total of 3 hours and £10 per day, so unsurprisingly I drove to work. In 2012 a colleague and I from Portsmouth needed to go to a conference at the NEC Birmingham, we looked at the time & cost of going by plane, train and car - and going by car cost less than a quarter of the cost by either train and plane, and (allowing for the time you needed to wait at the airport) was also quicker than both. Public transport outside the major conurbations just isn't a viable option as it costs more and (possibly most importantly) doesn't take you from where you are to where you need to be at the time you need to be there. When people worked locally (i.e. before WW2) public transport was viable for most of the population, but that's no longer true - even taking into account those who can, however temporarily, work from home post-COVID.
  9. PetrolDave

    Tyres doubt

    One of the main reasons for the fuel economy of eco tyres is their harder compound, the trade off for this is worse grip (because of the harder compound). I know that the Aygo isn't a performance car (far from it) but IMHO as the tyre is the only thing that keeps you on the road I prefer better grip at the cost of slightly worse fuel economy (the Aygo isn't exactly a gas guzzler anyway). Check out the grip ratings for tyres in the online reviews and car tyre e-tailers websites.
  10. Those costs are lower than I used to pay on a 2008 model serviced at an independent garage, so not something I would consider high, although it is more than I'm paying. I'm currently paying £16.08 per month for a 3 year Toyota service deal on my 2020 Aygo - total £578.88 - which I started in November 2020.
  11. Here you are ... Rear Wash Wipe.pdf
  12. That's 1 litre in 10,000 miles which is definitely normal. By way of comparison, VW only consider 1 litre per 1,000 (one thousand) miles as excessive and you're one-tenth of that.
  13. Politicians will have to work out a way to tax EVs too to make up the current shortfall in Road Tax due to them paying £0.
  14. PetrolDave

    Tyres doubt

    +1 When I lived in hilly North Devon I sed to run separate Winter and Summer wheels/tyres - 16" wheels with 195/40 Yokohama tyres in Summer and OE 14" wheels with 155/65 Nokian tyres in Winter.
  15. Reports say it will be based on a shrunken version of the Yaris platform.
  16. I've customised the startup image in my 2020 Aygo, it's very particular about the image name and size. You can have 3 startup images, they need to be named Image1.jpg, Image2.jpg and Image3.jpg The resolution must be 1824 by 1080.
  17. Blue is permanent power via a 20A fuse Red is switched via the rear wiper switch White/Black is ground Rear Wash Wipe.pdf
  18. If the passenger door switch is connected to the drivers door switch and the interior light comes on when you open either door then the alarm should work the same on both doors too - unless they didn't use the existing drivers door switch and added an extra one?
  19. First thing to check is whether the latch is stuck in the open position (so that only the secondary catch is working), which might just be a case of lack of lubrication (and would explain why the lever doesn't have any resistance).
  20. My 2008 came with one remote key and one plain key, but my 2020 (which has keyless) came with two remote keys - maybe unless you have keyless you only get 1 remote (fob) key as standard?
  21. You can also fit a door switch to the rear doors on 5 door models - I fitted switches to all the doors on my previous 2008 model.
  22. Based on flash22 reply the wheels are 6.5xR15, PCD must be 4x100 with a centre bore of 54.1mm to fit without spacers/dapters - only unknown is the ET (offset).
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