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  1. I'm guessing from your username and location that you may be based in The Netherlands? If so you won't have the ferry delays that have been commented on a lot by UK purchasers, only a truck/train journey from the factory in the Czech Republic plus any delay if the importer does a pre-PDI check.
  2. Have to disagree with that, last week I did 800 miles between Wiltshire, Sussex and Northamptonshire with a 91 year old relative, including one 4 hour non-stop drive. Neither of us felt any discomfort and the only thing that slowed us down was other traffic.
  3. The rubber mats that I got with my 2020 Aygo are still in their plastic bags in my garage as I use the luxury mats. No signs of wear yet, not even the usual place where the drivers heel rests.
  4. Thinking of fitting one of these HK 12v Snail Horn, Super Loud Air Horn with Automotive Relay Electric 150db Horn for Motorcycle Truck Car (Black)
  5. This is the problem when systems rely on an "always on" connection, in most areas I have lived there are many "not spots" so I always use Google maps having downloaded offline maps whilst on WiFi at home so I only need an internet connection for traffic data.
  6. It seems PSA (now Stellantis) and Toyota agreed to split the market: Citroen - basic Peugeot - sporty Toyota - quality This was noticeable on the Mk1 but became even clearer on the Mk2.
  7. Bizarrely I found that driveway parking got lower quotes than garage parking, on enquiring I was told that more cars get damaged in garages by things falling on them than get damaged/vandalised on driveways!
  8. That's a different problem, since the outside indicators work the column stalk is OK and the problem is either a connection to the dash or the dash itself. I would start by checking the connections to the dash. Indicators and Hazards.pdf
  9. Do you have the X-Nav option, or do you use your smartphone? If X-Nav then check the micro SD card in the glovebox is properly inserted. If smartphone then has it had a software update?
  10. That's what many have nicknamed the "herd instinct" ๐Ÿคจ
  11. Simple answer, no it didn't. Electrically adjustable and heated but not electrically folding.
  12. They won't want to be sending car transporters out that are not at least fully loaded, so if there are not many cars to be delivered in an area then there will be a delay until there are enough cars to be delivered. The shortage of HGV drivers will be another factor I suspect.
  13. Correct, there's no SOS button on the Aygo, only on the Aygo X. I've set the crash intensity to the highest level, on the 2 lower levels it would trigger on some potholes so it kept crying "Wolf!".
  14. The car has its own telematics system built-in, it doesn't use your phone.
  15. I've had mixed experience of glass sunroofs - good experiences with factory fitted sunroofs that include proper drainage pipes, and bad experiences with aftermarket sunroofs such as Webasto which just rely on sealing to be waterproof (and in my case wasn't). Personally I don't like fabric sunroofs because of the security risk from some lowlife with a knife.
  16. The 3 button unit does NOT have built-in navigation, it doesn't need it as it has CarPlay & Android Auto so you use your preferred sat nav on your smartphone (which come with free updates not the expensive annual updated micro SD card needed by the x-nav). Most comments say the X-nav doesn't work with it, but some seem to imply it does - so not 100% clear to me.
  17. Still in most supermarkets, as jam filled, milk and dark chocolate versions.
  18. On my Mk1 I fitted an integrated air horn/compressor triggered by the horn (but powered from the battery). Since the air horn took a while to spin up that meant a short press give the usual gentle reminder but a longer press gave a 'more strident' reminder. Seriously contemplating doing the same on my Mk2...
  19. Mine does the same, every now and then the clutch just doesn't engage until I press the accelerator which makes for a very sudden start sometimes even with wheelspin!
  20. Seems you had worked out the problem (missing immobiliser chip) a couple of days ago without being 100% sure! Glad it's sorted now ๐Ÿ‘
  21. What's the history behind this car? The immo chip is well nestled away inside the key so can't fall out at random so it seems maybe someone deliberately took it out? In the UK a good car locksmith can recode the ECU to work with a new RFID chip (using Techstream or a generic tool), do you have equivalent people where you live?
  22. A few years ago I tried to start with a key without the immobiliser 'chip', there was no indication on the dash of an immobiliser problem. As to what the connections between the engine ECU & immobiliser ECU are there's no good clue on the wiring diagram other than one has the suffix and the other O - which implies Input & Output but that could be wrong?
  23. On these cars the immobiliser prevents starting so the engine will crank but not start at all. There's a known problem with the alternator or AC compressor jamming so removing the aux belt removes the risk of this making cranking too slow to allow starting.
  24. Many owners have swapped the 2 button to 3 button and provided they don't have the X-Nav option it's plug'n'play.
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