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  1. Yen/Euro exchage rate does not affect Yaris price - they are built in France
  2. Carb float height??????? no carb on an Aygo or any other modern car. Electronic fuel injection since about 1993.
  3. There are loads of crashed Aygos...try a breakers yard (a lot of breakers have websites now) or ebay. A bit of digging on the internet should get you one at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Good luck!
  4. Hi Yes they seem to have fixed it - after the new upgraded seals were fitted, it did leak again very slightly into the passenger fron footwell, so we took it back and they cured it.

    We have had heavy rain since and it has not leaked anymore. Fingers crossed.



  5. There is a fault with 1.3 gearboxes...it needs an internal part changing (a shim or washer if I remember) It is documented elswehere on this forum. Toyota issued a modification bulletin which even some Toyta dealers were not aware of. Good Luck!
  6. Gear shift linkage may need re-adjusting, or clutch cable free play may need adjusting. Take it back to the garage that did the work
  7. hi we have the same aygo water leak & have tried 3 times to fix it. I would be interested to know if you fixed the leak. regards John Drake

  8. Sounds like your Aygo has leaked in at some point and either your carpets or boot are still wet or damp. Check all your carpets in the passenger and front footwell areas, and the boot - lift up the cover that sits on top of the spare wheel and see if there is water or damp in the wheel well. One of the symptoms of Aygos which have leaked are frozen or misty windows.
  9. All cars will steam up the windows with the heater left on recirculate for longer than about 10 minutes. Recirculate should only be used for the first few minutes to defrost or demist the windows...then switch to vent. However, Aygos are prone to water leaks, so if your car has leaked in at some time, and there is moisture or damp inside the car the windows will steam up. You should check in your boot where the spare wheel sits, as well as the front & rear passenger footwells to see if the carpets are damp or smell fusty
  10. Just look at Aygos when you are out on the road - most of them are driven by girls
  11. I was told by a Toyota tech that they test the cars by spraying high pressure water all over the car with the car at different angles to simulate the car being parked on kerbs, gradients etc. I was also told that they get some brand new Aygos in to the dealer off the transporter and when they do the pre-delivery checks the boots are full of water! The upgraded parts consist of new design door seals, additional upper door seals and new design rear high level brake light seal. Toyota phoned yesterday to say they found the leak and they have had to order a part (bear in mind this car has already had all the new design & additional seals fitted after the first leak) As soon as I pick the car up and find out what they changed I will post.
  12. I was told by the Toyota dealer that there are a lot of different areas where Aygos leak, through the rear high level brake light, through the rear lights, through the door seals through the door membranes. My wifes Aygo was fitted with all the new design uprated seals + the additional upper door seals and after heavy rain it leaked in again! The dealer has got the car back again to find where the leak is.
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