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  1. I was tempted by the city pack because of the Panoramic View Monitor - 360 degree camera. I decided I would rather have the latest generation media instead - not sure whether that was a good decision or not! The Advanced Parking Assist didn't interest me at all - I had park assist on my last car and only used it once to try it out! I never had a need for it - or more precisely, when I did have a need for it I would panic because I couldn't remember how to use it, and cars would be approaching from all directions... 🤣
  2. Well, I had to change my order for a Galactic Blue Excel because Toyota removed it as an option, so it isn't on the (newly) highest spec car. The strange thing is that when I toyed with getting it on a Dynamic instead, the dealer told me (after he checked) that I couldn't get it on that either - even though the online configurator at the time allowed it. Of course, I've since seen what has happened to the Dynamic spec! The annoying thing is that Toyota don't allow a 'changed' order - it had to be a new order, losing me several weeks in the queue 😬 Currently blue seems to be available on the Icon or Design according to the configurator. But... so maybe even if you can configure it, you don't get it!
  3. Ah, so the 'selling point' is that they are LED. Why can't they just call them side lights...? 🙄 Thanks.
  4. The Yaris Cross brochure specifies an "LED Front light guide" and "LED Rear light guide" for Design trim and above. What exactly does this refer to? Thanks.
  5. And now it is back to 21 weeks. I knew it was too good to be true... 🙄
  6. Well, I've only seen one on the road and one in a car park so far! So, after ordering my blue red Yaris Cross Excel a few weeks ago, I’ve been occasionally ‘building’ my specification on the Toyota web site. When I ordered it, I think it was 26 weeks estimated delivery. Over those weeks it has come down and last time I looked it was 21 weeks. I presumed (although certainly do not know) that this is because it is produced as a batch for our market and that this is probably the same estimated date all along! Imagine my surprise when I looked this morning, and my specification is shown as ‘Delivery from 9 weeks’. I presume this is some sort of glitch – I certainly hope they wouldn’t deliver new orders before existing ones! Or can I expect a pleasant surprise in July? 😀
  7. Popped up to the dealers today to ensure I saw the correct shade of red. I've been looking out on the road and in car parks all week, and not seen a Yaris Cross in red. But, possibly as a side effect, I've become quite fond of red cars! To their credit, the dealer has agreed to supply a red car under the same terms as they were supplying a blue one. They certainly gave the impression they were taking the hit, not Toyota, which I think is a touch unfair if true. I have to say though, that it is quite a 'RED' red 😁 So, maybe I am a red car person after all... Thanks for the various words of advice.
  8. Thank you for all your contributions. I've been pondering about it all weekend and.... I'm no further forward. I think the first thing to do is actually search out a red one in the flesh. It does look sort of bright in the brochure! A trip to the dealers when they have one for delivery I think... 😁
  9. I put an order in a week or two back for a Yaris Cross Excel in Galactic Blue. Today I received a phone call from the salesman to tell me that Toyota are stopping production of Galactic Blue. Not just new orders, but existing orders. Including mine. So now I have a choice of cheap White, expensive White, Black, Grey, Silver, or Red. I wanted a *colour* not something on a monochromatic scale. I'm not really a red person, hence the choice of blue. I actually quite like the grey, but currently have a very similar grey car so want something different. And the red costs more than the blue (although I do hope that would be soaked up by Toyota if I choose to go that route!) Maybe I'll go back to looking at the C-HR Excel which is what I went to see at the dealers anyway! Of course then I'd have to get it in Deep Amethyst for the same reason 🙂
  10. Well, I've ordered a Galactic Blue Excel with Panoramic roof and JBL audio. I hope I don't regret it when reality sets in! Delivery date was put down as end of September, although I think that might be optimistic!
  11. Thanks. A bit of a faff but not something I would need to do often. But would want to occasionally, so nice to know. Nice to see that presenter identify that the 'infotainment' system is downgraded with the city pack fitted. I've watched a number of reviews where they said that as it was an Excel it had the new 9 inch system, only to then say they had the city pack fitted 🙂. My question about the my22 was really because it seems to have been stable since release, and I wondered whether anything was likely to change soon. However, I think nowadays that manufacturers are as likely to ‘downgrade’ trim levels in order to keep the price level. It isn’t a reason to not order one, anyway! That's what we like to hear 🙂
  12. Good evening. I went to have a look at a C-HR and... ended up taking a Yaris Cross out for a test drive. I was very impressed, and I got 62.3 mpg over my test drive whilst I wasn't trying to drive economically, so that was quite an eye opener. Anyway - a simple question concerning the "Rear Seat Protection" - if you add that as an extra, do you lose access to the cup holders on the back seat centre 'arm rest'? From the limited picture I can see it seems to be a rubber(?) covering, but I don't know if it is removeable. And has anyone heard anything about a my22 update for the cross? Thanks.
  13. I also looked at the Mazda 6. Mainly because my wife had bought one just a few months previously. It isn't *that* cheap and tacky inside, and it still hasn't developed any rattles. Then I bought an Avensis 1.8 T4 and haven't regretted it. But I would like my wife's Mazda 2.5 petrol engine in my Avensis.
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