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  1. It depends mate a lot on spec, mileage and condition etc... I share the same views as I recently bought my 2000 plate for £3500, I thought I'd paid over the odds, but mine has both the premium and sport pack add ons, plus the owner had recently just spent £600 on new 18 inch wheels and tyres, so I think he's added a few £ to get some money back on the wheels, which is fair enough. The car is mint as well. I've seen 2000 plate Gen 7's gor for less than £2000, and and some are going for around the same price as mine, I went for the best one I could afford and so ended up paying top money for it, however I've yet to see one as nice as mine where I live and it does get lots of attention with the wheels etc, so to me its worth it...
  2. Picked it up last week after trading in my BMW 5 series against it...I love it!!