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  1. Wonder if anyone got any suggestions to solve my problem please? My engine malfunction light keeps illuminating every time I fill up with petrol... every time in between I can take it to a garage where they hook it up to a little machine and it goes out, only to return the next time I fill up!! There does not appear to be anything wrong with my car, checked over recently! It is a blue MR2 roadster, first registered in 2000, and has 49,000 miles on the clock and I love it!! Also I have a problem with my keys... they each appear to unlock the car, but wont lock it, have changed batteries in both fobs but to no avail....!! Many thanks!! Sue
  2. Hi, My name is Susie, I own a MR2 Roadster, 2000, which I love!! It has 49,000 miles on the clock and is immaculate....!! I live near Aberdeen in Scotland.