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  1. so tempted! You got a pic of the wheels on a car?
  2. Your'll never know until its RR'ed :-) Proof is on the paper
  3. I'd imagine that lot would be worth 15-18bhp at most, returns from an NA motor is nowhere near what that lot of a turbo would give you. Get the motor RR'ed again that give you the correct BHP.
  4. Did the previous owner give you the RR print out?
  5. also is that sainsburys lakeside?
  6. 46bhp more than standard is pretty impressive!! Be interested to know what mods his got :-)
  7. how much for wind deflectors mate, no idea what they are worth?
  8. beware of the ebay ones mate, I Installed on for my old MR2 and it rounded in the sump when taking it out, these are made with very poor material! Just my experience.
  9. Anyone in the Essex area? Could do with someone taking a look at my suspension, Its knocking somewhere and I just haven't got the time too look myself these days, will pay of course Drop me a PM, im in the Basildon area. Ta
  10. no access to code reader unfortunately, Ill give an ECU reset a try, THANKS
  11. Morning all, Went to drive the CTS this morning and its randomly braking when i'm going along, the following lights are on solidly VSC, TRC OFF and Malfunction Indicator Lamp aswell as the Slip Indication light comes on randomly which makes the car slow down. Any Idea? Faulty sensor somewhere? Obviously cant drive it until its sorted really. Cheers Lee
  12. Hello all, Can anyone give me the part number for the bolt & nut that holds the hub to the suspension shock? Ta Lee
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