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  1. She should be alright with the steps plus you can raise and lower the drivers seat. Arthurs wife is ok with them and she uses a cushion to raise her up in the passenger sest. I thought i'd keep catching my legs on them , but they dont protrude out too far .
  2. The bloke round the corner from me with a doubleganger of mine has steps and mudflaps, i gave them a good look over as i nearly had them. Still not sure , but i wouldn't stand on them , more show than go i think, personally i'd prefer chrome side bars. His wife is on the short side though so i can see why he had them.
  3. My ssangyong is a tivoli xlv 4wd, 1600 diesel ,6 speed manual, going to work is 46 miles up the a14 and m6, at 67mph I'm getting 51 mpg, good enough, but the yc aces it at 59 mpg.
  4. You won't be disappointed, they're a cracking motor, I'd have had an awd but I've already got the ssangyong 4wd, personally I think it's better on a roads than motorway, but you can't beat a diesel on a motorway can you, buts that's just me. The yc mixes it with the a14 and m6 zoomie's no problem, but I tend to toodle along at 67mph on radar cruise.perfect replacement for my much missed 3 door rav, petrol version.
  5. Order a dumper from our place today , you wont see it till half way through 2023, and getting parts in is so inconsistent, we have to slave loads of stuff to get them off the line, then a certain part comes in and it's manic getting them reworked and delivered. Be the same for toyota i suppose ,slim the options down to improve delivery times. got to say my yc excel is only fwd, and its a cracker,
  6. The rubber mats come with one of the packs, I only wanted mudflaps but i had them in a pack as they were cheaper and I got the rubber mats as part of it. They are well worth the money I must say.
  7. Should live where i am, i've got a red one and so has the bloke round the corner, 2 yc's ,both red, both got glass roofs,both got the brushed ally bits front and back, both excels as well.
  8. I've got a yaris cross excel, cracking motor, engine does have a bit of a growl if you floor it, but on the whole she's a pretty quiet motor, and i do an hour up a motorway to work with it.
  9. I have one, love it, really light inside, i missed the glass sunroof in my rav xtr 3 door , so this was option 1 for me
  10. I bought a plastic funnel for the washer fluid.
  11. Just look for sea cruiser 2 , that's the boat that runs from zeebrugge to grimsby with toyotas, about 14 hour trip.
  12. I think 6 months is about the mark for ordering a higher spec with extras, mine was bang on 6 months ,excel,pano roof.
  13. Not quite 170,000 miles on my iq3 and my yaris cross has arrived, so i change them over next friday.what a motor she's been for the last 11 years i'll miss her.
  14. When I was in pallet distribution, nothing was ever lost, it was always temporarily mislocated, I did have a truck dealer 'lose' an 18 tonne rigid after having work done on it,solved by me going down there and pointing them at it.
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