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  1. atkiman

    IQ diesel

    Hi No diesels in uk, but i run about 160 kms every day in mine to and from work, comfortable enough for me Tony
  2. I use nexen's good tyres
  3. Thats one well cossited car, doubt you'd find one better, and 1 owner. Its got loads of life left. Just depends how long you want to keep it, short term probably over priced for you, keep it long term ,i'd say good value. had mine 9 years , paid 11k ,it was x demo and 4k on the clock, now well over 140 k ,paid for itself over and over again, keeping mine for at least the next couple of years.
  4. Personally i'd rather spend more on an older iq3 with 8k miles on it than whatever kind of newer aygo you could get, with whatever kind of tech its got.
  5. I'm on my 3rd set of nexen eco blues on the front, crackin tyres, 33000 mls on the last pair, and amazingly i had them from toyota when i had it serviced, he did them cheaper than kwik fit, arouund 45 each fitted if i remember right.
  6. I paid 11k for mine, ex demonstrator, had about 4k on the clock,was under 12 months old, here we are getting on for 9 yeas later ,and apart from tyres and wiper arms,its only ever had a battery change, and i'm still doing a daily 92 mile commute with only get what you pay for,aygo is built to a budget and its cheap to buy ,and it shows. I'd probbly be on my 2nd or 3rd aygo by now in that time, so in my head my iq3 is the better buy
  7. Brand new aygo's i've had as courtesey cars dont hold a candle to my 59 plate137k iq3,they're truly !Removed! awful Tony
  8. atkiman

    Key fob not working

    Got to be worth the cost of a new battery to check, do you have the 2nd fob , try that one instead. Had the same problem on the tivoli, new battery in the 2nd keyfob, problem sorted.
  9. Funnily enough mine was 8 years old when it was changed
  10. I would say its just not run enough , and when locked the system is draining the battery, had the same on an iq, same scenario, locked in a garage and very little use equaled flat battery. Just needs more than 30 minutes every couple of weeks. Depending on what you want to do with it, if i was keeping it i'd replace the battery and use the car more, if not when you put it away, dont lock it. The battery on my own iq3 failed at around 120k miles, got a replacement from toyota and would you believe it,the battery was a dud, they did exchange it for a good one. I get mine serviced on a service plan with toyota, mind i'm doing about 13 to 14k miles a year with it, works out fine for me.
  11. I just go over the road to kwikfit, nexen eco blue , good tyres fitted around 45 quid if i remember correctly
  12. 127k total, i've done 123k of it since sept 2010, 92 miles a day 4 days a week, never had to top the oil, changed the battery and thats about it apart from tyres.fridays and weekends just knocks around town.
  13. I got a square leatherette box with a lid from wilko and put it between the seats , put a smaller version underneath to bring it up to seat level, cheap and works
  14. atkiman

    75k Service

    I just pay toyota about 19 quid a month and let em get on with it,
  15. Had it happen on a celica years ago, got an import engine, you could spend a fortune on investigating the damage. If you do swap the engine seriously think about doing the clutch and flywheel as well if you intend to keep it, if not get a cheap engine and get rid.