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  1. Having been a bit let down by our local dealer sorting out a problem with my wife's Aygo, I'm now in the market for an independent in the Birmingham area who can take care of my Gen 2. Any ideas anyone?
  2. How frustrating! It should just work. Try another stalk? M
  3. Hi Chris Glad to see that you're alive and well and still posting! I think you're wise not going to court - there's no way in a thousand years you'd win because if you did then everyone else who'd been busted for that junction would have to have their convictions quashed too. Plus I did jury service a couple of years ago and it's just not a nice place to be. Such a pity that they don't treat the cause and not the symptom - i.e. the dodgy lights. I'm sure there are plenty of other matters the people of Nantwich would like the police to attend to instead of that junction. I am genuinely praying that your car can be saved!
  4. Well I think I'm sorted! I phoned the Warranty people this morning and got put through to the Toyota department. The guy I spoke to knew exactly what I was taking about from the get-go. He confirmed all of the hybrid bits are covered and, without prompting starting reeling off a list, "inverter, ECU's, yeah the lot." He said they'd be printed on the policy document - it was like a new car warranty. Given that my car is eight years old I think two years' cover at 71p a day (or something like that) is pretty good going. My only problem then was who to buy from; my local dealer who I've always used and through whom any warranty claims will go but who didn't really know what he was talking about or the really on the ball dealer 20 miles away. Well in the end it sorted itself out; the really on the ball dealer failed to phone me up today as she had promised to do (turns out they're all the same then) and so I felt well within my rights to go local. Arranged it over the phone - £516 for two years' cover. Payment is taken in 12 monthly payments in the first year. Can I sincerely thank all of you for all of your help in getting this sorted out - two or more heads really are better than one!
  5. Oh Chris that's the most terrible news - you love that car so much! Not to mention your wife, of course! You'd think the insurers would at least give you a rental until they decide one way or the other. And that the local council would sort out the death trap of a junction. Hopefully the car will prove to be repairable - soon - and that no one has any lasting physical injuries.
  6. Oh cheers Phil. I'll get on to them tomorrow. The gen 2 Prius does seem to be a reliable car but I've really been scaring myself over the weekend by researching things that can go wrong!
  7. Ooops - didn't mean to make the scan so big.
  8. Thanks Phil - seeing the T&C's in full was a great help. There is absolutely no mention whatsoever in there about any hybrid parts being excluded! So it really does sound like my local Toyota service guy doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. So I'll go ahead and buy. My only dilemma now is which branch to buy it from - I guess it's quite a big deal for them to sell one of these. Do I go with the local branch who, it appears, doesn't really know what he's talking about or the other branch 20 miles away who really seems on the ball! On the phone on Friday the local guy was so adamant the hybrid bits weren't covered INCLUDING the traction battery. Then on Saturday morning when I picked up the booklet (scan attached) his face kind of fell when he realised the battery (at least) definitely WAS covered! Thing is - if I ever have to make a claim it'll be him I'm negotiating with!
  9. Thanks for the input everyone. I hadn't thought of contacting HQ to obtain a written response. What I did do though was contact another branch of the same chain. The person seemed to be quite high up the management tree and really on the ball. They told me with total certainty that all hybrid bits WOULD be covered - inverter, ECU's the lot! Just exactly the same as a brand new car. So I said I'd phone on Monday to close the deal. In the meantime though I'll email HQ AND call into local branch to try to get full written T&C's.
  10. Thanks both. Now Frosty I saw that list on the website and it certainly doesn't say hybrid stuff ISN'T included and I had heard other stories about inverters dying and being replaced under warranty - that's why I specifically mentioned it. But Toyota guy said no it definitely isn't - and then (typically) he added "but the chances of the inverter going are pretty much nil so buy the warranty anyway" or words to that effect. He kind of gave the impression that because my car is on the older side I wouldn't be entitled to the same benefits as everyone else - though I'd be paying the same price! I love that car but the thought of a massive repair bill out of the blue spoils it a bit.
  11. Hi guys My gen 2 Prius is eight years old and it has crossed my mind to change it - though for no particular reason. Just cos it's getting on a bit I guess. Anyway then I saw that BOGOF offer on extending the warranty - and the fact that you can bring cars with expired warranties (like mine) back into the system. £516 for two worry free years seems like quite a good deal from where I'm sitting. I phoned local Toyota and the guy said yes it was still available BUT none of the hybrid components would be covered - no inverter, no ECU's, nothing. If this is the case then I'm left thinking what's the point of actually having it? (I didn't get him on to transaxles or regenerative braking systems or stuff like that though he did say the brake acumulator was covered.) I'm calling i tomorrow to get a full T&C print out. What items are likely to fail and should I check are on the list? What do you all think? Cheers!
  12. Well I got the call last Friday and on Saturday morning was reunited with the missing member of the family :) New front bumper, n/s front wing and passenger door also resprayed for good measure. All seems fine - fuel economy around town is about 60 so the patient appears to have made a full recovery. It did get me thinking though - at just over eight years old maybe I should think of changing in a year or so. Prius' values seem to really be holding up so maybe Auris is the way to go? So glad to hand back the Fiesta. One litre super car? I struggled to get 40 around town and a 400 mile motorway trip @ 68 mph gave a measly 49 to the gallon.
  13. Oh I'm so glad that you're happy with your Yaris! They've given me a rental car while mine's off the road - Fiesta 1 litre ecoboost. It's supposed to be the most super fuel efficient car they make. Not cheap at £16000. Well I tell you what - beautiful car though it is - to get over 40 mpg you have to use every hypermiling trip in the book. Best stick to hybrids, I think.
  14. What sort of fuel economy do you get?