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  1. OK, thanks everybody. I say I will be changing the car soon, but I somehow can't let go of it! I was always sceptical about these cars before I owned one and now realise why they were so well regarded. It is superb to drive and cheap on fuel, servicing, parts, everything. It is also immensely practical. Over here in Ireland even the earliest models fetch very good money for what are 12-13 year old cars. I am therefore considering using this to my advantage and maybe buying something a little more sporty but worth less (MG ZR, Punto Sporting etc.) and release a bit of cash that will help me in my student life.
  2. Hi, I know it's the bearings because it is a common weak point on this model. I have read some people say before that the whining is a given and that the transmission can go for miles without trouble. I have thought about doing a gearbox oil change for a while but doubt it would cure the problem as such.
  3. The transmission in my '00 1.0 VVTi model has been whiny since I first got it about three years and about 15k miles ago. I believe it is the diff bearings and is a common problem that most cars keep going with. I'm planning on changing the car soon and wonder will it be a stumbling block when I come to sell it? Regards, PG
  4. Hi, It was about three litres of this stuff used the last time it was changed: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-TOYOTA-RED-COOLANT-ANTIFREEZE-1-L-PRE-MIXED-/251056004200?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3a741a9c68
  5. OK, thanks for that. There appears to be a leak in the system at the hose leading from the engine. I presume a new clip is needed or something along those lines.
  6. The story is, I lent my car to my brother earlier on and it ran low on coolant while he was driving. A few months ago, I had the system flushed and genuine new stuff put in from the dealer. Today he topped it up with distilled water and I am concerned that this has diluted the coolant, which is a pre-mixed solution. What I am wondering now is if I will have to flush the system and put totally new stuff in again? Regards, PG
  7. Hi, The radio that has been in my car since new has packed in and I am looking to replace it with another OEM unit. The unit that is in it at present is the standard radio that was in the Yaris up until its '03 MY facelift. Before I replace it, I am wondering is it possible to source a unit from a breaker that might be an upgrade on mine? It doesn't necessarily have to have a CD player, as there is already a genuine Toyota one installed in the cubby hole beneath. Regards, PG
  8. Great, thank you. Thank you for that helpful post. I am going to do some further investigation now based on what you have told me.
  9. Okay, thank you for your help anyway. I did post in the Yaris forums but have not got much of a response except that a brand new part would be expensive. What I'm trying to find out is whether a used part can be fitted.
  10. I probably didn't make myself clear. It's the internal antenna, not the aerial that you physically see on the roof. The part that the physical aerial connects to inside the roof is damaged.
  11. Hi, I've a simple question for you all and posted here seeing as it's the place where I am most likely to get a response. Would anybody know if a used radio antenna from a scrap Mk1 Yaris would be compatible with another car? I had a sunroof leak recently (now fixed thankfully) and in a bad weather period rain water leaked in and I now I have no reception. Seeing as the antenna is located inside the roof, I am nearly certain this is the part that was damaged. I would be grateful for any info people could give me. Thanks.
  12. Don't bother with the breakers just look on here http://www.ebay.co.u...-All-CategoriesPete. Hi, Thanks for your reply, but it's the antenna system that is located inside the roof, not the physical aerial itself.
  13. Hi, As discovered in another thread, water got inside the roof of my Yaris and destroyed the radio antenna. I'm wondering, would a used part from another Yaris in a scrapyard be compatible as a replacement? Thanks in advance. PurvesGrundy
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