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  1. If anyones looking for one of these wonderful chips mine is on ebay. It has only been fitted for 3 weeks and still has 18 months waranty lesft on it These are £375 Mine is as new in every way £300 or best offer. It's on ebay just now Item no. 270707409766 Enjoy
  2. I had a simmilar problem and it was the head gasket. No other signs at first. Then it started spitting the occasional drop from the header tank. It didn't overheat either. Took 10,000 miles before it was bad enough for Toyota to admit the problem. Anyway they did fix it and I'm very happy. There's no reason any car should ever use coolant. Good luck
  3. I have had one for 3 months. Unfortunately my head gasket did blow but I'm prety sure it would have gone anyway. (luckily fixed by MrT) I would be carefull if your fitting it to an old t180. Yes it goes like a scalded cat and yes it will give about 4-5mpg more. Is it worth it ? Only you can decide. That said I don't think it puts the engine under much more stress (you'll just drive it harder)
  4. Well Toyota have fixed my car free of charge. What other car company would do that ? The engine has been replaced. Well a new short block and cylinder head. Everthing at the bottom is new i.e crank, pistons, block, etc They used my cams and valves (though I'm sure the manager said they had replaced those because one wouldn't seat). Apparently Toyota won't let them skim anything so both the head and block were replaced. Engine and gearbox are so much quiter now and obviously it doesn't use coolant anymore. Delighted. Just goes to show what can be done with a little patience and a nice letter. T
  5. Anchorman is absolutely correct about the box. It is worse facing uphill and the noise disapears when the slack in the drivetrain is taken up. I too was worried that it would be a the dreaded DMF but it would apear not. Still we'll wait and see what Mr T says about my head gasket woes. Hpefully they will help as it is a premature failure, we'll see. I'll keep you updated. Cheers for the help
  6. Hi Guys, I'm new here but really could do with some advice. I bought a nice Rav4 t180 (Nov 2006)last year with 50k miles and full Toyota service history. I have since done 14k miles in which I have given the car a full serice with Toyota parts and mobil one diesel esp oil (I had to take it to my dealer to get the oil/filter changed as I don't have the tools for the filter). I am an ex mechanic but that was a while ago. Anyway a few months ago I noticed the header tank was pressurising and releasing coolant all over the back of the engine. What started with a squirt every now and again has beco
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