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  1. Hello - I had hoped I had given up messing with autos when I got a 'modern reliable smaller car', but somehow graphs of garage charges and value of my pension have crossed, so had better start taking an interest again Slightly prefer to spend my time on photography ( http:/ ), but fascinated with what you lot get up to Specific problem in Corolla section viz trying to find a speed info cable, see yesterday's post in Corolla forum
  2. Has anyone fitted a Valeo SpeedVisio 'head-up' unit? This is a device that repeats the speedo onto a windscreen patch thereby bringing it into field of vision so you need not keep looking down in speed limit zones It requires finding a speed data cable & the Valeo instructions include speedo, radio (I think they mean the Trip Navi) or ABS positions (〈=en for pdf fitting instructions) I am am stuck!! The cable group into the back of the instrument panel is all white and pale blue cables (21 in all) Corolla T3 2003