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  1. Sorry mate, Internet's been down all week, nightmare! Thanks for this bud that's brilliant. don't suppose you know where would be the easiest point to access it to tap into? cheers Steve
  2. Greetings, My old man owns a 2010 auris and has bought some DRL's :/ He wants to install them himself, but doesn't know where to pick up the live feed. The instructions say it needs to come from a feed that reacts with the key turning in the ignition i.e. when the key is turned on the second click before the ignition starts the lights come on. Anyone got any advice? Cheers Steve
  3. Anyone know what size spark plug wrench I'd need to remove the plugs in my rolla? Cheers
  4. How easy (relatively speaking) is it to whip off a door and change it over? Some bar-steward has taken what looks like a machete to the drivers side door and it's in a right state now. I'm attempting to repair it this week, but if it fails I was gonna pick up a second hand door (local scrappies have one in right colour!) I'm guessing the locks will need swapping, but anything else? any help is greatly appreciated as ever :)
  5. For that price I'd simply get a custom one made, will be muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cheaper
  6. Tried to change my droplinks today (finally!) and I couldn't get the first bolt off. I can't seem to get my 16" breaker bar in there to give it some force as it can't bend up past the wheel arch. I stuck an extension on the bar but it !Removed! snapped off in the socket head! :( Any ideas? Would buying a longer breaker be any good? Any good releasing agents? or will it be a case of take it to a garage and ask them nicely to use their air tools? :P
  7. OFF TOPIC: Mate where in Pompey are ya?! My missus lives in copnor so I'm there like all the time! :) I live down Locks Heath so only 15 mins away. I'd also recommend saving yourself some money and getting the Apex springs spesh if they're only going to be on as a temp measure.
  8. Thanks guys :) Weather looks minging so might postpone it :(
  9. I've got 2 hours free tomorrow and need to replace my drop links, reckon that's long enough? :)
  10. Get a custom one fabricated, usually cheaper than off the shelf and can be tailored to suit your needs :)
  11. I wasn't aware the airbag had it's own ECU anyway!? Glad you got it sorted :)
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