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  1. There's a moral here Chris. There are many reasons for parking by reversing into your chosen bay. You are fortunate to get the sympathy of your dealers and a freebie fix
  2. Are your figures accurate tankful to tankful quanities and calculated with the mileage done or taken from the on board computer? I have found the computer readouts to be very optimistic, like my latest from my New Icon 60.xx MPG on the computer - 56.xx MPG from calculations [verified by Fuelly] So be realistic and subtract around 4-6 Mpg from the computer - Sorry.
  3. It's good to know this.With the fixed gear planetary system, and the HV battery can still be charged by the ICE when in neutral, how exactly does neutral work? Time to look on google (other search engines are available). Just remembered another happening with my new Icon the other month in the cold weather. I was sitting in the stationary car [obviously in 'P'] but electrics ON playing about with this wretched Toyota touch system radio Dab+AM+FM thingy trying to get the stations sorted out and tuned. All of a sudden the touch screen went blank and a notice came up saying something like 'Engine
  4. johalawreei said :--- It is worth mentioning that when the Prius (or other Toyota hybrid) is in N, the HV battery cannot be charged. Which may be a consideration when using N while stationary and the HV battery SOC is low. My experience in a mega traffic jam a couple of years ago was to creep forward - stop - apply H/brake - swith to 'N' and wait. I kept an eagle eye on the HV battery state, and of course it sunk down and down !! I decided to tough it out and see what happened. All of a sudden [whilst still in 'N'] the electrics overrode the status quo and the engine started up and charged th
  5. Absolutely correct Sagitar, you ain't going to get one and Toyota are not about to male a european version. This is where Honda HUM [Honda-UK-Manufacturing] came unstuck in UK, our Swindon factory only manufacture for the european market and that has gone dead flat, hence the lay-offs and reduced production.
  6. No Pete, apparently not, re the 15 versus 17" wheels... the wheels are the same, but the tyres are different, according to the supplying dealer of my Prius....he had wheels but no tyres for 15" wheels, but as the rolling radius should be the same, it confuses me...??? sorry to not recall your "lack of spare space" post, but it is the passing of time cheers barrycoll I must admit that it confuses me too. I have both 15" and 17" wheels for my T Spirit. The wheel and tyre combination (15" with 195/65 or 17" with 215/45) is such that the peripheral diameter is essentially the same. Likewise for
  7. Optiflex said :-- "This bit of illogical design irks me as well. I drove a Yaris Hybrid last week and was pleased to find that it had the P as the end position on the gear lever." That's good news, Common Sense is creeping in, another of my irksome problems is the unergonomical directions you have to move the gear selector = Forward for Reverse travel and Backwards for Forwards travel , don't suppose they sorted that at the same time? He also said :-- "Interestingly, I use the parking brake instead of P position when I am driving my wife's automatic Polo but that has a real handbrake so it f
  8. Check this one out chaps, just stumbled across it.! According to wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parking_pawl Quote:Most vehicle manufacturers and auto mechanics do not recommend using the transmission's parking pawl as the sole means of securing a parked vehicle, instead recommending it should only be engaged after first applying the vehicle's parking brake. Constant use of only the parking pawl, especially when parking on a steep incline, means that driveline components, and transmission internals, are kept constantly under stress, and can cause wear and eventual failure of the par
  9. Isn't that difficult to achieve, given that the car automatically engages "Park" when switched off at the Power switch?Sorry chaps got this one a bit mixed up. I meant not to use 'P' at a temporary hill stop like traffic lights or road junction. As far as I'm concerned the 'P' button is redundant as you say it is engaged automatically when switching the Power off. Some of these comments are cringe worthy , but I respect everyones choice to do one's own thing. One last question, why have a separate 'P' button anyway ? most of the types of mechanical autos have 'P' as just another position on
  10. Absolutely the Definitive and Correct procedure 'barrycoll' but you have missed comment on one other very important issue as has r04drunner1 [Respecting your IAM involvement] that must be considered, and that is the dangerous and potentially damaging practice being recommended on this and others threads of using 'P' instead of the Hand /Parking Brake when temporarily stopped at traffic lights etc. Operating 'P' engages a mechanical sprag [lever] that locks into the transmission mechanically, effectively immobilising the car. OK so-far, no brake lights to annoy others, the inertia effect of y
  11. Had a similar situation a few years back, hitting a kerb and puncturing the front L/H tyre. Put the space saver on and found it nightmare to drive - steering all over the place etc - this certainly makes you keep your speed down. However I'de had enough of this and the next lay-by I pulled in and swapped the space saver with a rear wheel. This made things much better & safer, so I strongly recommend doing the above if you get punctured on the front, that is if you have a spare wheel - on my modern Auris I don't !!!!! But that is another nightmare I've yet to enjoy!! Good tip on the phone
  12. Have a look at this :--- http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/119257-tire-temporary-mobility-restoration-kit/ There is another thread somewhere but I can't pin it down just now - Some sort of rumour that Toyota are sorting out a space saver spare wheel as an accessory, due out May ??? - for Auris Icons and presumably the others in the new range.
  13. Yes and it hasn't happened since that I know of [6 years ago, a mega one off] despite all the extra cash you've spent on quality fuel ?? since then trying to avoid a repetition. Still like I say the choice is yours, but hey! have you noticed any discernible performance improvements since 2007 ?
  14. Fuel quality comparisons are rather old hat and a rather subjective and unsubstantiated subject - been going on for years. I get my fuel from the last source to give me a discount whatever. Yes I've used Tesco - Sainsbury - Morrisons - Asda [when I don't have a voucher as they are the cheapest in town anyway]. I have even used Shell with vouchers from Waitrose, BP and Esso with discount offers. My challenge at the end of the day is, study my Auris MkI HSD consumption data over the 28 months of use and then tell me what fuel I used based on the consumption figures. Result = you won't be ab
  15. Haven't done much mileage of late so stats are not much different. If you want to keep tabs go to my Fuelly page = http://www.fuelly.com/driver/terrymb/icon I'm sure when I get out and about more in the warmer weather things will improve as they did on my MkI HSD. All the indications are looking good on my onboard displays [58.4 on present tankful so far] but Pinches of Salt are required at this stage. Cheers TerryB
  16. Oh! Come on Chaps, lets get a grip and stop waffling. This thread [basically NO Spare Wheel] has been bumbling away for a few weeks now - lots of rhetoric and theory - but not a lot of practical experience related. Some vague solutions offered, silly observations and unconfirmed reports that Toyota are coming up with a solution, but no corroborated practical experience of anyone having a flat and using the ‘dreaded Tyre Pump & Gunge thingy’, would like to hear of members experiences using it. Not that I personally condone the ’Pump’ thingy , far from it. Being old school, it’s a spar
  17. Again many thanks Devon Aygo. I did price the front sensors when ordering and they came out at £200. The IPA system was only an extra £100 odd so went for that for laughs. Well when you car costs nearly 20 Grand to odd £100 to keep up to date is peanuts. Haven't actually tried it out yet - come to that I haven't even looked under the bonnet yet - to B cold to go delving onto that lot. Re the spare wheel, I have actually got the part numbers to buy the bits you suggest, but am hanging on until the official kit is available then I can compare. I will be quite happy with a space saver so I don't
  18. Not really - Obviously don't know in detail what mods have been done to the Mechanicals or the Electronics but the response to the throttle pedal [on or off] seems crisper and the EVO indication seems more active and sensitive than before, this is indicated by the 'Current MPG' bar chart 'thingy'. However I must remind you that this has not so far been corroborated by my latest mathematical MPG results = 48mpg !! Cr.p in my HSD book - as apposed to an onboard MPG of 56 - but it's only done around 700 miles so far so early days - to be continued. TerryB
  19. Thanks 'Devon Aygo' Have studied files and fail to grasp the signifagance - please elucidate their relevance to my post. Hey! your the guy with the insider spare wheel info. I believe - please keep us updated. TerryB
  20. I prepared this report as a thread on another topic but decided that it may interest a wider audience so have made it a topic in its own right. In hope it is of some interest. I had a Gen1 Auris T3 Hybrid for around two and a half years before aquiring a new Icon Hybrid in January so this is a sort of comparison exercise. Overall the Icon is a much better car than my previous AurisT3 and despite my diatribe below I am very pleased with it and glad I upgraded for the following reasons. PLUS reasons :-- Steering – Lighter, more responsive and better feedback. Brakes – Better progressive feel a
  21. Hello Hicardo, finaly got around to your request as follows :-- Overall the Icon is a much better car than my previous AurisT3 and despite my diatribe below I am very pleased with it and glad I upgraded for the following reasons. PLUS reasons :-- Steering – Lighter, more responsive and better feedback. Brakes – Better progressive feel and consistant feedback. Hand brake has lighter operation and comes more naturally to hand. Engine – Quieter, re-programming on the Engine Management software is obvious once you drive it. Ride/Suspension/Tyres – Softer – Quieter – Comfier feel - Less road noise.
  22. Hello David You should delight in your new acquisition from whatever you are upgrading from. I've just gone from an Auris HSD 1st Gen to an Auris Icon HSD 2nd Gen. HSD is an experience that will take you time to evaluate - say 18 months at least. Not only driving techniques but ambient daily temperatures are key. Get involved - press all the buttons - try all the options - and hopefully settle for your personal options. Do not rely on the onboard readouts for MPG etc, I have found they are grossly over optimistic. Example:-- Last tank full [360 miles]:-- Computer gave me a MPG of 56+. T
  23. Anybody out there got a Toyota Auris Icon approved space saver spare wheel ?? Are any of the other Icons supplied with a spare wheel in the UK ?? [There are pictures of them in the manual] If there are pictures of them please advise as to the model that they fit. If Toyota want to make a few more bucks out of us - so be it - the in thing appears to be the repair kit and pump. I'm prepared to pay for my Luddite addiction to a spare wheel.
  24. My Dear BasssaJay, Oh! Dear Oh!Dear What can I say only to apologise for giving out Duff Gen. You gave me a nagging feeling over this so Iv'e just examined my Icon spare wheel area only to discover I DO NOT have one. I must admit to only giving it cursory glance prior to purchase [not the most interesting of features], the impression of all the bits and pieces surrounded by a black item I took to be a wheel - well it wasn't. It is a polythene former to hold all the bits snugly - NOT A WHEEL. Sorry to all form my error and Hicardo for once again trampling all over your post - but truth
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