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  1. I just ordered the following and all should arrive over the next 1-6 weeks: 2JZ-GTE (BPU'd), full 3" s/s exhaust, restrictor ring, fuel cut defender, uprated fuel pump, new iridium plugs, aem fic piggyback ecu, FMIC, polished cam cover, Tein coilovers with EDFC, Koyo rad and blitz rad cap, Strut brace and a few other bits... I'm going to have a fun few weeks ahead of me before I shoot off to Nur! Dave
  2. Hmmm... well I know that myself, Leeky and a friend is coming along and going on the TOC stand... So that's: Celica Gen6 GT-Four Celica Gen6 ST185 (I think?) MKIV Supra Aerotop (Me) If it's not going ahead though, or there really are only going to be a couple of people on the stand, I'm not sure... Dave
  3. Haha cheers Les ;) good to see you're still kicking around! My mistake actually Karma, that was just a one off... They are a bit more expensive than £350! May have to pop down to a meet soon :) Y'all do still do those right? Hah Dave
  4. Cool, same as what I was looking at then... VVTI 1UZ. Would cost a fair whack, but would be well worth it in my opinion ;) V8 whilst keeping it in the Toyota family, swweeeeet. Ahh well if you find a different gearbox that's compatible, let me know!haha I'm sure many have tried and failed though. Dave
  5. Which generation 1UZ are you looking at? The most expensive part isn't the gearbox or the engine though, it's the conversion module thing that sits in-between. When Leeky (on here somewhere still I think! Haha) dropped the 1UZ into his Mk2 Supra, he paid about £1500 for a gearbox conversion wotsit...
  6. It depends what you're after really... The W58 suits my needs/wants for the time being until I get the 1UZ then I'll have to re-evaluate :) W58 is cheap and easy too... Cheaper than the Getrag or R154 at least ;) Dave
  7. Ah well I'm from back in the day when Knowlson, Leeky, Bibbs and Jimlad were mods :) Seems like eons ago! Saying that, Bibbs is still one of my close mates, as is Leeky and, well Knowlson is still !Removed!! Hah Cheers for the nice comments on the car... I must say I'm over the moon with it. I made sure it was mint so there's no rust at all, anywhere, had a complete respray in Adair red and the engine is as clean as a whistle and pulls nicely in every gear (albeit an auto box...)! First thing to go is the auto box in favour of a W58 manual, then I'm already looking for a VVTI 1UZ Toyota V8 to drop in there ;) Dave
  8. Hi everybody! Long time no speakies... I don't know how many of you will remember me, or how many are still around here... but once upon a time I was a bit of a TOC wh*re. Anyway, good news for everyone is that I'm back! :D I left the MR2 realm to go to Honda CRXs, and spent a good few years with those, but last week I took proud delivery of a nice J-Spec Aerotop Supra (pics below). So, I felt it the right thing to do to at least say "Hi!" to my fellow Toyota bretheren. I'll be on the TOC stand I think (according to Leeky anyway!), so I'm sure I'll meet most of you later this year. Good to be back! Dave
  9. Just like school days... we'll be the "cool kids" hanging out behind the bike sheds :D Is there much going on Saturday night or Sunday day in terms of events, bbq, etc? I'm at work so can't really flick through every post to find out :(
  10. Wow, TOC-RG lives again :P I'll pop down Saturday night in the new MR2, will be knackered after doing my sponsored 2 day bike ride though! Would be good to see a few old faces Dave
  11. Ah it was wicked mate :) We had a VIP bar at the very top of the Grand (where we played). It was brilliant, I think I consumed a LITTLE too much alcohol though :D Was still drunk Monday morning ..
  12. Hi guys! Just thought I'd share the good news with everyone! The gig that we put on last Sunday (23rd) in support of The Macmillan Cancer Care fund, raised approximately £20,000-£25,000 with the ticket sales alone! There were also a lot of collections/donations made on the night, so we are expecting that number to rise once all is accounted for. The gig was a sell out at about 1250 people, and queues went around the block in anticipation for the event .. Turin Brakes, Novastate (My Band), and Black Mariah were on the line up. So I just wanted to say, to any of you that came down, thank you for supporting such a great cause! Dave
  13. Did you wear your helmet with the roof down on the main roads on the journey?hehe Glad you're all safe and sound mate, what time you guys hitting the track tomorrow? Hotel good? Any fit bar maids again? Damn I miss that place :) I wanna go again!
  14. Sounds lke me .. I can't make it out saturday as I'm driving down to Kent. I used to go to all the Reading meets, until some *&%$£*& garage didnt put my cam belt on right and my car pretty much blew up on the motorway! I used to have a rev1 mk2 mr2. I'm usually seen around Bibbs', jymfumes, Alan_21's houses :) I'm driving a french piece of cr*p at the mooment, but it gets me from A to B. Need to get myself a nice Rev3+ or a Camry ;)
  15. More people from Reading on here?!?!?!?!?!?! :) Never seen you before man, but then it's been a while since I've been on here .. You should get out for a drinking session with us Reading guys at some point! If not tonight, then when the others get back from nur ;)
  16. Hehe it's been too long Charlie .. need to catch up again for a brew my old friend. and Lou .. YOU suck!
  17. Hmmm .. I'll think about it .. I'm sure Charlie and Millie remember the "too much alcohol + carpet/driving licence/insurance docs/laptop + sick" incident!
  18. Ah.. go on.. you know you wanna...it'll be a laugh won't it!! You know what it gets like, we'll be drinking shots of something horrible by half 8, then it'll all be downhill from there! NO! haha You know what I'm like when I start drinking .. No one wants to see any repeats .. :)
  19. Yeh I think they show repeats on the weekend .. not sure what day though. They will never match the hosts of TG :( but it's still a good show I found :)
  20. I "might" be out, but I am probably just going to drive up to London instead.
  21. Yeh I stumbled on it by accident :) I actually quite enjoyed it .. I had to turn off before they got to the comparing of marcos/noble/lambo etc etc .. wish I could have seen that! The cat and mouse thing was quite funny :) Can't believe she rolled that car, did you see how close she came to chopping her hand off?! "Oooo my car is rolling, ill just stick my hand out the window shall I?" .. dappy The volvo thing made me chuckle too, cant believe it was still running fine after a drop of 15ft!haha Dave
  22. Dude, that is extremely lame! Should do your own bit of investigation work ;) Catch those scum bags :)
  23. Don't forget your sunbathing gear people!
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