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  1. Just had a catloc fitted to my 68 plate Auris hybrid after the original got stolen back in March. The insurers have a loan car bill of £1600 as it’s taken nearly 3 months. Hope it works....
  2. I’m told by local Toyota dealers that the cars to which they have fitted catloks Haven’t been brought back with reports that the converters have been stolen again. Do you think this is true or just b***?
  3. Having had the cat stolen from my Gen. 2 Auris recently I was wondering as to the positioning on the Corolla. One dealer told me it was underneath similar to the Auris. Another told me it’s by the engine block as on the Yaris ie almost inaccessible to thieves. Any definitive answer would help me decide my next step as I don’t want a repetition of this.
  4. Auris recovered today. I’m told by driver that a plate can be fitted that covers the whole of the exhaust unlike the catlock. Does anyone know of this?
  5. Cheers Joe, it’s in the hands of the insurers now. My car has only 5k on the clock so some scumbag has basically got a new one. If it happens again I’ll swop for a Yaris due out Sept. where the cat is in the engine bay. What a pisser.
  6. My Auris 68 plate Hybrid was relieved of its cat from outside my house 2 days ago. Seems my local dealer is waiting for 40 cats to be delivered - I’m in the queue. Have been given a loan car for as long as it takes. Now I know about the catlok I’ll have one fitted but I gather they can’t protect the car if thieves use cutting equipment and they may well return when a new cat is fitted I fear. Maybe best to buy the Yaris hybrid where it seems the cat is located in the engine bay so inaccessible almost. Hope the 20 version has it similarly located....
  7. The cat on my Auris hybrid disappeared last night. 68 plate with 5K on the clock! Thought of changing to the Corolla but seems the cat is in the same place so can still easily be cut off.
  8. Had my cat stolen last night off a 68 plate Auris with 5000 miles on the clock. Didn’t have any idea of this plague until now. God knows how long I’ll have to wait for a replacement and even if a catloc is fitted no idea if it’ll be sufficient deterrent given it’s parked in the road. Maybe best to trade it in for a Corolla or chr. Does anyone know if either model now has the cat in the engine bay?
  9. My last Auris was stolen whilst shopping by someone who grabbed the fob signal. Having just bought a 2019 replacement the dealer say they have disabled the keyless entry providing I press the lock button on the fob and then once locked, a further double press defeats the keyless entry. This seems to work as I can then only unlock it by pressing the unlock on the fob. But I can still start it as long as the fob is in the car so has the signal really been switched off?
  10. Yes indeed, hindsight is a wonderful thing......
  11. My dealer tells me that the keyless entry can be disabled. That would be most useful when I get a replacement as the folding mirrors, sensitive wipers etc are most helpful.
  12. Appreciate the replies folks. Waiting on the insurance company now. I expect my car to be leaving a roll on ferry in Eastern Europe very soon.....
  13. The Mrs. went shopping in Finchley on Monday, parked in a road with no restrictions and many parked cars to return 20 mins. later to no car. Gone, vanished, stolen. As it’s a Auris hybrid Excel 65 plate with 28K on the clock it has keyless entry. I’ve read these disappear regularly as such cars can be easily defeated with a portable scanner and the Mrs. says there were a group of men nearby with a van. Question is - keyless entry is usually bundled with more useful features eg. folding mirrors etc. When I get another car will I have to opt for a lesser spec. or can it be deactivated? Also dear folk, how much payout should I be expecting from my Toyota insurance given it was in excellent order, fully serviced with pan roof? Major bummer.......
  14. Had the screen replaced today via the insurance. Was told he'd seen nothing like it and thought it must be a manufacturing fault. Having had a heart attack a few weeks ago I couldn't be bothered chasing Toyota for the £60 excess I paid. Life's too short!!
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